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    Import dry food items - Legal suggestion

    alphabusiness Newbie
      Hi Friends,

      We would like to start importing dry food items from India and we would like to know what will be the legal procedure for that. The company from whom we are going to get imported food items has recently got export license in India. We dont know what are the legal liability of importers. We would like to know some basic info about below before we finalize anything or go with proper legal advise.

      1. What are the procedures to follow before we can import food items?
      2. What will be the procedure to get our food items cleared from any US port?
      3. What paper works to be done?
      4. How much time it usually takes to get the process completed?
      5. What are the fees need to be paid at port? and how to get registered at Port for this?

      It will be great if we can get some info on above or some guidance about where to get some start up info on abvoe.