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    Employee appreciation

    ibdowner Newbie

      Do employees really enjoy going away for employees appreciation weekends? Is it fair to ask them to go away without their wives and girlfriends? Are day trips better?
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          caffeinated Scout
          Hi ibdowner and welcome to the SBOC!

          Good question! I'd have to say it depends. If you have fairly young employees with little to no family responsibilities, a weekend trip would be exciting for them. On the other hand, if your team has a newborn or several children, it would be very tough to manage a whole weekend away. Unless the employer has deep pockets and can spring putting up the entire family, which is unlikely in today's economic environment. I'd say day trips have the greatest potential of pleasing everyone.

          What is your business? Or what business are you thinking of starting? Where are you based?

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            NewLookTeam Wayfarer
            I would vote saying that the employee time outside of work is there own and their families, and the organization should include their family in any such activities,... this is not the dark ages....
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              DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
              Employee appreciation is something that many employers do not even offer these days! I commend you on wanting to show your appreciation to your employees! However, I think there are better ways to show your appreciation than weekend getaways. Talk to your employees, perhaps do a survey and find out what they would most appreciate! Don't try to be a mind reader! You may find that a simple gift certificate for a free meal with their spouse or significant other would be more than enough! There is no point in creating employee appreciation programs that the employees don't appreciate!