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      I have a company named Unique Hands.Painting,Drywall,Spackling.I would like to know is there anyone who have any insight for me about this field of business.
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          I know that you asked for the advice from someone in the construction business - which I am not. However, I did want to challenge you in some areas to see if you have determined a specific identity for your business based upon a unique selling proposition (USP) and did you create a business plan based around that USP.


          Here are 12 points to live by for building a business regardless of the industry:


          1. Create a business that integrates with your life plans of personal and economic goals.
          2. Be passionate about your business and the market that you are servicing.
          3. Build a business that is an extension of your strengths and experience. Know your weaknesses. Have them covered by others, but manage the results.
          4. Research your market (overall industry, competitors and customers). Make sure that the market is large enough to meet your financial goals and determine if the market is growing or shrinking.
          5. Have a business plan. Create a plan based upon a unique value proposition for your market at a reasonable price.
          6. Make sure that you are well funded.
          7. Get involved within your industry. Build a network of mentors, business associates and joint venture partners.
          8. Know your financial limits. Don't operate beyond your means.
          9. Take action. Stay involved. Don't let your business coast on autopilot.
          10. Provide a consistent, beneficial experience for your customers.
          11. Review your business and market on a regular basis.
          12. Make definitive choices and adapt quickly to the changes in your market.


          Following these steps gave me a focus for my business. Obviously, the current economy affects the market - both positively and negatively. However, if you don't have a USP or a plan of some sort (whether a full fledge traditional business plan or a SWOT analysis with some specific goals) you are at risk of floundering.


          Here's a post to help you with a USP:



          If you haven't created a business plan yet, I have a free page on my site to help. Here's the link:




          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            Contractor, Welcome

            Go to Members page and share some info. Then develop a business plan
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