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    The right to lean or the rights to go after bond

    Artisan3 Newbie

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and to give me your feed back. My company is a General Contracting company that has just recently hired a sub-contractor to do a job for us. His work was not up to industry standards and he had to go back to fix things several times. In the end he still didn't finish the job and we had to take matters into are own hands in order to complete this job. We made several attempts in trying to contact him to complete it. Still no response. He is now trying to put a lean on the condominium that the work was to be done at. The property management company was very pleased with what we did and has taken pictures of this project from start to finish and the understand the problems that we have had with are sub contractors. If need be the are willing to stand behind us in court. I was wondering if anyone had some advice of what I should expect from this process and if are sub-contractor has grounds for winning this case. We have tried to settle this out of court by offering him a settlement for the work that he did do but this isn't good enough for him.

      Thanks for your time.