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    FTC issues new guidelines for Blog Disclosure

    franklinb Adventurer
      This is a significant move by the FTC and it affects all bloggers. If you publish a blog you will want to form a disclosure statement before December 1st, 09. The new rules require bloggers and celebrities to disclose the financial relationships between them and the advertisers. As an example, a blogger who does reviews for a particular product line received advance payments (commonly called blogola) before publishing the reviews. Now that blogger must reveal the relationship in a published disclosure. I do not believe they will have to give details and actual dollar amounts, but just the nature of the relationship (s).

      These blogs that accept money for "paid blog posts" were recently penalized in Google, and their blogs were knocked down in the listings or taken off in some cases.

      The recent release from the FTC is at this url:

      Some of the questions many of us have is:

      Will these same rules apply to all websites in general, or just to blogs?

      Are affiliates who receive commissions for products sold after the blog post included in the disclosure ruling? (most professional affiliates are assuming they are included)

      Where advertisers have used celebrity endorsements, will they now have to reveal that the celebrities are compensated on all ads across the entire scope of the internet, or just on blogs?

      I expect there will be a lot of information coming out about this new ruling over the next few weeks. I have read on several blogs that the deadline is December 1st, 09 so apparently there is time for bloggers to make the necessary disclosures and get them up on their blogs.