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    LLC in NJ but POBOX in NY?

    tumberi Newbie

      I currently reside in Manhattan, NY. I am planning to start a business soon. I already have a LLC formed in Delaware, and I am planning to set up a Foreign LLC either in NY or NJ.

      Here's the dilemma. To set up a LLC in NY, I have to dole out more than $1000 just for the certificate of publication. I rather save that money if it's possible, and spend it otherwise. So, instead I was planning to to set up a Foreign LLC in NJ. I do understand I have to set incorporate in the city that I do business in, but I could also argue that my business will not do business specifically in NY. Since it'll be sort of a Internet media company, it'll be targeting general audience across the US. Also, I would be working from home in NY, and have a office in NJ. Would this argument work?

      Also, I was planning to get all the business mail sent to POBOX in the post office near my New York home. Would this still be legal?

      If any of these plans isn't really legal, then I guess I would just set up the foreign LLC here in NY.

      Anyways, please give me some advices.

      Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          LLC in NJ, Go to Members page and share some info.

          How soon do plan on starting this business. Every business should have both an accountant and a lawyer.
          When you ask is it legal, you need a lawyer
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            businessSIR Adventurer
            Best thing that you can do is to simply contact the state secretary office in both states. They will have the power over any business incorporated in their states and would know better than anyone. You might be able to go to an attorney for the information but they will charge a fee for that information. Its always better business to try to find things out yourself as much as possible. Some states I know welcome out of state businesses who open up a shop in their area. It makes them seem like they are expanding. Also what you can do is talk to the local chamber of commerce and see if they know of any statues or laws that you will have to follow to put a branch in that area.