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    Where can I buy items in bulk to resell?

    snccigars Adventurer
      I am looking for a way to turn a little money ($5k) into a little more money as easy as possible. This would then be used as startup for my cigar business. $5k is not really enough to get where we need to be, but $10k would be. I was thinking along the lines of buying items in bulk, then reselling them for a profit either on ebay, craigslist or the local newspaper. I would like to sell items I am familiar with, preferably electronics, whether it be cameras, tv's, ipods, etc. I am wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy these items in bulk? Also, if anyone has any other ideas of items I could buy cheap and resell. I am not looking to get rich or make a living doing this, just make a good return on an investment without a huge risk or alot of time consumption as I am still working full time. Thanks for your help, you guys are great!
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          rockstarsale Newbie
          You can order brand items from Website: and resell them. Get much profit. Monster Energy Hats, Rockstar Energy hats, New Era Red Bull Caps, MLB Caps, Ed Hardy Hats and so on on
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            An individual cannot compete in the consumer electronics market ( name brand items such as Ipod, etc. ) with the big names, i.e. Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

            In addition, even if you were to find a distributor of such products willing to sell in "light bulk" ( again, which is really unlikely ), you will need both sales tax ID and a Corporate Federal Tax ID Number.

            If you were to find an entity willing to supposedly sell you these products at wholesale without requiring a sales tax Id or an EIN then that entity is either (A) a middle man that will do nothing but eat at any profit margin there may be or (B) selling you knock offs

            My suggestion is to keep saving until you have enough to launch your cigar business.

            Also, I know there are companies out there that promise "drop ship returns" and require 5K to join. DON'T DO IT !!
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                snccigars Adventurer
                I do have a tax ID for my cigar business, so that would not be a problem. However, even with that, I am finding it difficult to find businesses willing to sell light bulk, say, 10 digital cameras at a slight discount, as opposed to a truckload at steep discounts, aka, flat out wholesale as per wal-mart or best buy, as you mentioned mark111. I think I am coming to the same conclusion. Thanks for your advice. BTY, does anybody have any experience with live auctions? Not online, but real, in person auctioneer style auctions. I was wondering if there are any good buys to be had at these events? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks again!
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                ICECREAMMAN2 Wayfarer

                Hi $NCCIGAR$:


                With Christmas coming:


                Maybe look for products, like Signage for windows, for any business: Cling on signs, that can be reused, from year to year.


                Resturants, Car & Trucks dealers, inside & outside malls, etc.


                Get out and meet some people, and sell some products, also hand out some info., on your Cigars, etc., which may get you a lot of Christmas orders.....


                I'm up in Canada, and have some lines on products for Christmas Tree lots, ( Nov 28 to Dec 23 ) Garden Centers, Lottery locations ( more than 240,000 in the USA ), Coffee and Donut Shops ( almost ever corner, LOL ), Signs for almost any business, Santa, Snowman, SALE, etc, etc.....

                A lot of these items, are sitting in the USA, and can be shipped to you.

                Some of these products will sell year round.

                I have one GREAT PRODUCT, that holds a Can, Glass or Plastic BOTTLE, ( of: POP, BEER, WATER, JUICE, GATORADE, NRG Drinks, etc...) Also works with a BABY's Bottle, even your home cord less phone, ( you don't want to miss that call, when out in the back yard, or garage, etc..) up to One Litre size.

                So at a BBQ, or when Tail Gating, Hiking, Camping, Walking the Dog(s), you can carry one with you, with out hanging on to it.

                I mean you need one hand for the Dog's leash, and one Hand for the "Cell" right?? LOL

                These can be sold to any Business that sells, DRINKS, any where in the World.


                As most people know, this Working from HOME, sometimes, Suck$.

                Trying to find the Right Business, and trying to get your money, after doing the work, etc., as there are so many Bad Scams out there, etc.


                Show people what you have to sell, and if they say NO, when you walk out, say "NEXT".........


                Just my 2 cents worth.


                Check my profile for e-mail.....


                I wish we could "PM" people on this board, and also "Edit" our Posts, etc.....


                Cal from Canada
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                    snccigars Adventurer

                    Thanks for the advice icreamman. I especially like the part about moving on and saying "next" after a rejection! I really need to be getting my business name out there, stirring up the coals, so to speak, not even worry about making sales right away, just getting the name and idea into people heads. This is a bad time to be getting into tobacco sales, with almost daily negative press concerning the whole world being "smoke free!" Getting that negative mindset out of the way and laying the groundwork for the responsible, enjoyable smoking of premium, imported, handmade cigars from names such as Cohiba, Montecristo & Macanudo. These brands are world famous for quality, luxury and CLASS! Getting rid of negative ideas and replacing them with positive images will do more to boost our sales down the road, and that begins with marketing our name in the right light from the beginning, not necassarily making sales right away. Sorry if I got off on a rabbit trail there. thanks for the advice!