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    Finding a clothing manufacturer...

    TruthWearLLC Newbie
      Hello all, I am in the process of starting my own clothing line and I am working on the business plan right now. Currently I am stuck on the process of finding a manufacturer to make my clothing. I have no idea where to start looking for one. Any help would be so great. Thank you.
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          WEBillions Adventurer
          Do you know anyone else in the clothing industry that you could ask? If not, it would make sense to try to meet some people because they may be able to pass down all sorts of useful information that you may not even be aware that you need.

          If you don't know how to meet anyone, try just going to a place nearby that you think gets manufacturing done and ask them where from and if they know any good resources. They'll likely have a lot more information for you than the majority of the people on this site. Good luck!
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            DomainDiva Ranger

            I just put the phrase 'clothing manufacturers usa' into the search engine. 220 results in about 8 categories came up.
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              score81 Adventurer

              Following are suggestions:

              1. Try this web site
              2. Make sure shipping from the manufacturar does not add up too much in your cost.
              3. You have not mention wha type of clothing line you want to do( kids, Adults, handicap, Sports), which ever you are planning to do there are number of association for all these specific lines to help you.

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                maxamillion Wayfarer

                My wife has been in the industry for manufacturers of clothing for people like Nike, Wilson, Reebok, Walmart, Dillards etc. She has done her education from FIT in NY. Maybe if you can be a bit more specific about the line and what kind it is and a lot more details, I can get her to respond to your request.
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                    TruthWearLLC Newbie
                    Ok lets see... I want to sell screen printed shirts and sweatshirts for the mixed martial arts community. For example I want to sell clothing that is similar to Tapout. Also I am looking for a company that is willing to do some testing to make shorts to fight in. I want to sell mens womens and childrens clothing. The designs would be my own, Im just looking for someone to print them and manufacture them. I want to start out with basics t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. and then later on have a more variety with different materials etc. Any help would be great. Thanks again.
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                      Amity99 Wayfarer
                      hi Max
                      We are an India (Tirupur) based Knit garment mfrs & exporters having own production facilities specialised in manuft'g of T-shirts, Nightwears, Ladies Fashion Tops & kids wear range. Exporting to U.S & Europe customers.
                      we are looking for genunine garment buyers/Importers looking to import Knitwears from INDIA
                      pls send us your enquiry to
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger
                      Not my field, but there are numerous outsoucing firms that find offshore companies who will manufacture industrial products to spec (they take our engineering drawings and specifications, locate a factory that can make it, then bring us back finished samples and a production plan (cost, schedule, etc.). I have to think that something like that exists in the clothing industry, although it may conflict with your personal values to have your apparel sewn in China or someplace -- but that's your call. The key words to search with are probably something like "outsource" and "apparel" (or "clothing" or "sportswear" or whatever). I know that's not a lot of help, but maybe it will lead you to something that is. . .
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                        AsiaAgro Newbie

                        If your designs are fairly simple - Tshirts, sweats, etc. - there are many options in Asia to get these manufactured cost effectively. Silkscreening and embroidery work is inexpensive compared to the US, and shipping efficient due to the volume of products moving between Asia and the US. I have done business with several textile companies in Thailand that do very good wook in this area.

                        My company is Asia Growth Resources. The company is run from Thailand and the US (NC) and we do consulting for businesses wanting to source, manufacture, market, or invest in Asia. We also specialize in economic development and sustainable agribusiness (of which textiles such as silks and cottons are a part). The company website is and we''d be happy to help you find a manufacturer in Thailand or elsewhere in Asia. You can contact me directly through the website.

                        "Trust" is the major factor in creating a successful business relationship in Asia. Many US and European companies have been cheated by agents and middlemen in Asia - my focus is to ensure this does not happen, and to provide hands Asia-based assistance.

                        Best of Luck,
                        Mike C.
                        AGR Corp.
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                          rustyroyce Newbie
                          World s Largest Portal and B2B Marketplace of Textile, Fashion, Apparel and Retail Industry provides news, interviews, articles, business opportunities, Buying Selling Business Leads and Company Branding Service

                          You can source a list of manufacturers across regions. This site can also help you in geting information about agents or those who do jobwork... cheers.
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                            knitman Newbie
                            HI THERE


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                              Lighthouse24 Ranger

                              There have been at least a couple of threads posted by clothing manufacturers in the past -- if you haven't already tried it, you might type "clothing manufacturer" or "garment manufacturer" in the Search this site box on the upper right of the page and see what comes up. Good luck!
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                                MagPublisher Wayfarer
                                Go to a trade show. Magic International is the biggest fashion trade show in the US. It happens in February and September every year. There you'll meet manufacturers, retailers,etc.

                                You could also go to some of the textile producing states like North and South Carolina.
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                                  HopeFaithLove Wayfarer
                                  Your local SBDC can help you.
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                                    wholesalelink Wayfarer

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                                      RIGOBERTO Newbie

                                      I can help you to conect with allot of manufactures , and I can show you the procces of manufacturing clothing, I have around 20 years of experience
                                      I build me oun small company , and I can help you , if you want , the only think is the manufactures that I nkow are in mexico, because I born there, I am the small town called moroleon , the estate is Guanaguato, there you can find all about the manufacturing procces we export to france and italy and many famus brand names like livis, you can get very chip prices and very first cuality for you cloth, right now I am not doing clothing any more because the situation in mexico is bery bad , but I hope back , but if you need help I can adviced if you want , I can connect with people that I kwon the are in the field of manufacturing , and suppliers me eMAIL IS
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                                        allan0113 Adventurer
                                        Hi Dear,

                                        We are a professional clothing factory here in China. We can supply you most kinds of cloth at the best quality and the most conpetitive price. Please feel free to contact us in the following ways:
                                        Email: MSN: Skype: allan0532


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                                          Ferrari Wayfarer
                                          I was doing the same research a few months ago and found reasonable manufacturers in Nicaragua. Only 2.5 hours from Miami and they do everything for you at reasonable prices. They are US manufacturers moved to Nicaragua due to labor rates and they are happy there.
                                          I have more information I got but it's in a pdf file I can send you or google Textiles & Apparel Industry in Nicaragua.

                                          Good luck!
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                                            My company sources for products in China. If you can send us your designs or copies of the actual products and the quantities desired,

                                            we can find manufactures for you. If interested, reply with your e-mail and we can get started.