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    Use Fill-in legal forms or find a lawyer ?

    omarfrazer Newbie
      I am in the middle stages of opening a "Bed and breakfast" and recently purchased a Legal Business forms package from . It is an excellent software , well worth the money,easy to use and has over 700 Legal and business letters and forms templates. It definately suits my purpose.

      Has anyone ever tried using these and do you know how well they will stand up legally for business use or do i have to stick with getting my letters done by professional and paying hefty lawyer fees ?

      Thanks ,

      O Fererri
      Ferreri Bed and breakfast,
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          vinod1978 Adventurer

          Your question can only be answered if we know more details about the application. For example, the contracts that my company uses were free draft versions that were found online. I haven't used software to complete legal paperwork yet because luckily I've been able to find free draft copies of contracts that need just a few simple modifications. However, there are times that I would choose a lawyer to create a contract rather then use software or free draft copies online. For example, if I want to give some equity away in my company in return for an investment I would most definitely hire an attorney, but if I was simply creating an agreement with a client to provide my video production and advertising services then I would gladly stick with cheap or even free draft copies of similar contracts and simply make my modifications.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Use Fill-in legal forms or find a lawyer

            Anybody going into business should have their own accountant, lawyer and an insurance agent.

            Fill in legal forms are O K, until you need something more specific.

            Good luck
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