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    How to change the registered agent of a corporation?

    JESUSFAN Newbie
      I founded a company that does contract work with another corporation. When we set up the corporation we made my ex-wife the President of the corporation. I was set up as the treasurer of the corporation. The business started very small but, has grown into a very profitable business over the course of several years. I managed the business (heavy equipment operation) and my ex-wife kept track of the books, checking account, etc. I had complete trust of her. She left me about five months ago but, wanted to continue to operate the business as we had.

      I have since found out that she has stolen a minimum of $200,000 from the corporation. I have hired an attorney and a lawsuit has been been filed against her for monies that were taken out of the account illegally. We signed an agreement with the bank that all funds moved out of the company's checking account required both of our signatures. The company's bank has joined us in the lawsuit against her.

      What grounds do we have to remove her from being president of the corporation? According to the records filed with the state we are incorporated in she is the registered agent of the corporation as well as the Incorporator/Organizer and President. All other names (including mine) have been taken off the charter with the state - without my knowledge or consent.

      She has filed suit to dissolve the corporation (as this is her exit strategy). However, I want to continue to operate the business as I have put all I have into this business and she is doing everything possible to destroy it and drain every penny out of it & into her own bank accounts. I just don't know how to legally unseat her as president. Will the fraud lawsuit that has been filed against her be grounds to unseat her as president? She has been stealing, plotting & planning this for at least 18 months. She has such a huge head start as I'm just now figuring out all she has done to dissolve this business. Does anyone have any good advice?

      Confused & Frustrated...