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    Need Help Finding Resellers and Affiliates

    Creditbuilder Scout
      We have a program ( that seems to be doing well, our problem is we do not have a lot of people representing us or that program.

      Those that sell these services earn between $300 - $1500 / day, but when I place an ad to that effect, it scares people and no one applies or people think that they have to pay something or there is a subscription fee.

      This is a genuine opportunity for anyone, specially college students. All people need is a laptop or desktop with high speed internet access and a phone line to make and get phone calls without it killing their minutes.

      I have also tried monster and hotjobs... any other suggestions?
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          HomeBizGrowth Wayfarer
          NOTE: I'm Reposting My Reply Because I Wasn't Aware That The First One Would Be All Jumbled Together And Hard To Read - My Appologies.

          Hello CreditBuilder,


          Would be affiliates are very fickle and tend to go where the money and latest hype is.


          Most of them lack focus, because of this thing we all know called Information Overload!


          I would like to point you to two excellent resources that I invested in which are almost foolproof.


          The first product that I recommend gives you soo much marketing intelligence on where to find Super Affiliates that it should be illegal (figure of speech, of course).


          Product one is software created by Brad Callen a gentlemen that I have soo much respect for called Affiliate Elite.


          His software products are in my opinion, some of the best in the world.


          And I've invested countless dollars into software since 2000.


          I own all of Brad's Marketing software and other products.


          Affiliate Elite allows you to not only find Super Affiliates within ClickBank, it will allow you to find out how companies are promoting their own websites, and what their most profitable keywords are without guessing and a ton of other things that you wouldn't imagine.


          This will save you from months and years of trial and error and allow you to get straight into profit mode a lot sooner.


          You can go here to check it out


          The second product is by Jimmy Brown, one of my favorite mentors and I also have most of his products.


          He has a product called Sales Army Secrets in which I think is very underpriced.


          He breaks down step-by-step on how to create a top-notched affiliate program and 20 unique ways to find affiliates to promote you guy's products.


          You can get more info on Jimmy's Sales Army Secrets course by going here:



          I built my affiliate program using his Sales Army Secrets, but I kind of put it on the back burner as I'm focusing on some infrastructural elements of my business and will come back to it in about a month or two.


          But it's up and running and I've created promotional materials.


          Just keep in mind that one of my missions is to show people where the best resources are, and I buy most of them.


          Well, I hope that helps.


          To your business success,


          "Are You Making This Market Research Mistake?"


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            livinthedream Newbie
            You say that this would be ideal fo college students. Are you targeting your marketing to that market? A lot can be done by finding a niche and marketing specifically to that group. The results of such targeting are much better than just blanket marketing to a larger audience. That needs to be the first step. The best ways that I have learned to attract prospects to my business, I have learned from

  ">Renegade University. There are a myriad of ways to find people who want to work with you. The methods and training on this website can help anyone build their business online. One example of the type of information that you can learn here is>how to use Wordpress to create an effective blog.

            Learning how to market your business online and attract people to you using low cost and FREE methods will take you a long way in reaching your goals.

            Good Luck!