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    Doing Business With Israel

    iyazam Adventurer
      Israel is truly gaining a reputation as a center for world-class professional services. More and more companies all over world are looking into entering the Israeli market or to bring Israeli technology, servies and products overseas.

      What is it about this small country that is attracting so much attention?

      Allow me to share with you five good reasons:

      1) Israeli companies have an excellent record of successful business partnerships and relationships with companies all over the world.

      2) A critical mass of fluent English speakers. Multilingual capabilities include Arabic, Russian, French and German.

      3) Israelies are a tech-savvy, educated, talented and dedicated workforce. Israel enjoys the highest ratio worldwide of engineers in the workforce and the highest ratios in the world of university degrees and academic publications per capita.

      4) Always available at your service 365 days a year.

      5) Compatible legal system and intellectual property protection.
      It is for this reason we created the Israel Exporter - to serve as a unique business directory aimed at showcasing the best of Israeli industries and service providers to world markets. The site makes it easier for the user to browse companies by catagories and then to view their profiles. On each profile their is a contact form where you can have direct contact with a company. Another interesting aspect on the site is the world wide opportunities section. Here is where Israeli companies will be posting business opportunties all over the world.

      Skylimit sales and marketing outsource consultants, have created the [Israel Exporter| a unique business directory aimed at showcasing the best of Israeli industries and service providers to world markets.

      This user friendly platform will enable you to expose your company to potential clients in a cost effective way, enjoying the benefits of our extensive business networks in many target markets. The Israel Exporter will be pro actively promoted utilizing a 2 weekly newsletter to Chambers of Commerce, Israeli and foreign embassies, business networks, and Jewish communities around the globe. In addition, we will be investing in relevant Social media marketing platforms, to gain focused exposure. Paid advertising on Google and other platforms will be used as well. The Israel Exporter blog will be updated on a daily basis, and will form the backbone for interactive communication with our members and business partners abroad. We welcome you to join our Export directory, and look forward to assisting you to make inroads into exciting world export markets.

      Please don't waste this recession. Start doing business with Israel today!

      Hillel Porath