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    My phone room is open for business, Never Prospect Again

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      My Phone Room or is the solution to a problem that
      90% of networkers or home based business people face. 90% of people who
      own a home based business hate calling leads. They hate prospecting.
      They have major fear of rejection. This causes so many people who have
      such enthusiasm in starting their home based business to fail so
      quickly. Prospecting and talking on the phone for a lot of people is
      the hardest thing they will ever do. My Phone Room is the solution to
      that problem. It is the solution to making 300-400% more income if you
      work smarter not harder.


      My Phone Room is a full service
      professional call center that will call ALL your leads for you. No
      matter if these are leads you created on your own, or if these are
      leads you bought from a vendor. They will call all your leads no matter
      what the business is you are promoting. You can be in an MLM, a cash
      gifting program, a personal development big ticket program, or even
      insurance or real estate. They will call all your leads. They will then
      qualify or disqualify the lead based on the criteria and script that
      you give the call center. Once qualified they will then edify you to
      that lead. This is so powerful. The lead will be in awe of you and
      impressed that you have a professional call center calling them on your


      Once qualified and edified the MyPhoneRoom call center
      will then contact you either via a 3 way call right there on the spot
      or will set up an appointment when you can get back to that lead who is
      EAGER to learn more about your business and about you. This is the
      solution to so many peoples problems. This allows you to only speak
      with aces about your business. We put the prospecting in the hands of
      the professionals. We let them leverage our time and do the dirty work.


      call center again is good for any business. There is an amazing
      affiliate program attached to introducing others to this call center.
      The call center is based in Arizona and can handle up to 1 million
      calls per month. The people calling on your behalf are not virtual
      assistants or some 3 dollar an hour person from overseas. They are top
      notch sales pros who will prospect for you and find you those aces who
      are ready to speak with you and possibly join your business.


      many of us in network marketing would make triple or quadruple the
      money if we had a system to show our downlines that would allow them to
      duplicate and make sales. My Phone Room or is the
      answer to this. Not only will we make more sales with the call center
      closing our sales but we will get more and more duplication. We can
      even make up to $1000 per sale for everyone we refer to MyPhoneRoom.
      You must check out the amazing compensation plan. We have reps who earn
      up to $10k per week just referring others to the call center.


      bottom line to make huge money in this industry is to talk to the most
      amount of people in the shortest amount of time focusing on those that
      are serious about starting a home based business. My Phone Room solves
      that problem and can help you explode your income no matter what
      business your in.


      To learn more go to


      your information on the right side of the page. On the next page you
      can watch a recorded webinar which goes over all the details on how you
      can use this call center to explode sales and explode your downline.
      You can even register for a live webinar on the top toolbar. If you
      have questions a call center rep will call you back. You can even
      contact me as I know the CEO personally and am direct to him. I will
      supply you with all the scripts and information you will need to help
      you become very successful using and also reselling it.
      Millions will be made. Get a piece of it!



      Chris Hurney