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      Who has heard of GDI and Tissa? The program and Tissa works together, first you sign up for GDI ( ) and then Tissa's program.

      Then Tissa helps you get atleast 6 referrals , Once you have at least six sign-ups on your GDI frontline (Level 1) Tissa's program thewn automatically start promoting your frontline's GDI sign-up links so you can start building YOUR Level 2.

      Once each person on your frontline has at least six sign-ups on their frontline,Tissa's program then automatically rotate through your Level 2 sign-ups until they each have at least six sign-ups - and so on, up to five layers deep. Not sure how much you could earn with my fully automated, forced matrix for GDI? $9,330 per month!

      More details: