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    Succesful skateboard shop needs investors

    kyoju777 Newbie
      We started with a few hundred in our pockets and just enough money for the lease and some inventory. A year later we're one of the biggest skateboard shops in all of south florida with just word of mouth and zero conventional advertising. We're now seeking investors for serious advertising and more inventory. Our credit is only average (680) so normal loans are out of the question. This shop has serious potential if only someone would help bring it over to the next level.

      Team Iguana Sports
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          phanio Pioneer
          Couple of options:

          If you are seeking investors - get out in your community and network locally. Go to your chamber of commerce - find their list of local networking events - attend them and talk to everyone you can.

          With a 680 FICO - might try a SBA loan.

          If you have assets (physical or financial) you could use those to secure funding.

          Our website list many options for your business.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Successful skateboard shop needs investors, Welcome

            If you want to raise money or looking for investors you need both a business and marketing plan that they the investors can read.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              RanksIntl Adventurer

              Your website is great! Where exactly are you located(the only thing I didn't have a chance to look at!)? I have family that lives in southern Florida and I'm there all the time so I would love to check you guys out!

              As for investors: What sort of investment have you tried to obtain so far and what were your results? Have you created a business plan including market research?(A lot of times people pay for market research but since you have a business that you are looking to expand I would suggest starting with your current clientele). What kind of expansion are you looking to do and how soon are you looking to do it? What is your LY revenues?

              There are several different options for your expansion including commercial lenders and venture capital investors especially if you are already incorporated or willing to do so. I would like to help you out and go over your potential options!

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                TopDesigner Newbie
                Hey Team Iguana.

                Florida neighbor here. (Daytona Beach). I am a top end urban designer with some freakish and unique deck designs in my pocket. This could work to both our benefits. If you are interested in hooking up, you can see my line. And we could come up with something to help each other.

                You will be so impressed. Limited amount of eyes have seen them and they all drop jaws.

                Take care

                James Rodriguez.