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      I Live in a popular mountain town in co. we need a good trustworthy cellular store. One open 9 mo. ago but it is poorly ran and the franchise owner is not a trustworthily. The owner is not doing well with this location. The owner has 4 other locations in the Denver ft Collins aria. i belive the owner dose to not wont to spend the time or money to employ management at this location. Possible this all ready open location could be bought out.
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          MoveForward Scout
          Have you ever went into a Burger King and had aweful service, food cold and you swore you would never go back. You left the place told three people how bad this location is. They told three people. And everytime you drive by you cringe at the thought of eating at this location.

          You can hang banners saying NEW OWNER, you can change the color of the building, you can hire a whole new crew....but what you can not do is change the reputation of the business overnight and the marketing money and time it would take is risky.

          You see like that Burger King I do not care if the owner is new, colors are different or the staff is changed I only know what I once experienced with that company.

          My suggestion: Wait till the franchise takes the rights away from the owner or the owner is forced to close
          due to lack of sales. Then be ready to contact the franchise with a new location and a reason you will succeed. You will not only stand alone with the right start, you will also not have to worry about debt from the past suddenly appearing, and all there sales you are now providing service for.

          Best to you!