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    Is e-learning really as effective as face-to-face training? Wayfarer
      Vendors hawk the benefits of e-learning: cost-effectiveness, essential for training a global workforce, multimedia and so on. Are they on-target? Regardless, e-learning is becoming an essential part of corporate life. Any tips?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          There are many different ways that people learn: Visual, auditory, tactile and combinations of these three.

          For instance, I am a mainly a visual learner. If someone is talking really fast while demonstrating I shut down because I cannot process the visual how to with the auditory blah and blah. People like me don't process screaming, shouting or fast talking at all. We shut down when people talk fast or sream on the phone to us, like tele marketers.

          There is the visual tactile method, this is how I learn math and other subjects, I touch the subject by taking copious notes.

          Then there is auditory those learn by listening and have total recall of the subject.

          Art is tactile learning while shutting down the left side of the brain.

          Different people learn in different ways, there are tests that can determine how employees learn, the employer should proceed from there.
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            MoveForward Scout
            I will always believe "hands-on learning and a experienced mentor" is the most valuable than form of learning. No paper degree, voice of an educator, text book or educational supplies bring the same value.
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                vernon_wharff Newbie
                Right....Unlesss you have your mentor who will not only be the voice but also motivate you inthe entire process.....



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                  SeniorLiving Wayfarer
                  While in college I read Physics from 'The lectures of Feynmann'. I can tell you that book was better than some of the Profs and a lot of us felt the same.
                  I don't think there can be a general rule it depends on the motivation of the student and a lot of ot other factors.
                  I work in an assisted living facility and have seen some seniors tear into e-learning courses.
                  One important factor is that if you do the course alone you will be at a disadvantage so it is important that you form a peer group. I also prefer face to face teaching but e-learning has cost advantages and it may be possible for a person to do a course which may not be feasible otherwise.
                  Given the way computers and the Internet are part of our lives I am sure e-learning will grow in importance. Just look at the way school students have to use the Internet for projects.
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                  Hensiv Newbie
                  Probably visually learning-style oriented people would benefit more.

                  For example my wife is more kinestatically oriented, she has to "do" things with some part of the body to learn. Quite impractical in many cases, in many theoretical subject it means a lot of drawings and diagrams.

                  You may consider to let employees take a simple free learning style test at to find out who might benefit more from various types of training.

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                    probus01 Wayfarer
                    I feel elearning is quite effective with 1 coordinator to managing the progress of the team. With my company you can have a student take a video based training course while reviewing daily reports on them and their progress. You deliver the tests and you can even order workbooks with questions for face to face interactions. You can create a demo account to see what I mean at just click on online computer training and go to the bottom of the page and click on the link no need to call. There is also a catalog there with all the course titles.
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                      colypr Newbie
                      Due to drastic use of internet in study, business and at corporte level e-learning become compulsory to compete with others and for batte representation of business. you only need to search tutorial on internent you will find much useful materials of e-learning.
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                        RB4711 Newbie
                        E-learning platforms are a great way to share information with large groups of people from all parts of the world through the internet. It can provide a medium of expression that creates a learning environment. In my opinion, e-leaning should be combine with a forum, blog, website, webinars and internet video conference to be effective. As a stand alone, it is just a way to get quick how-to but not in depth information into the subject matter.
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                          Joker444 Newbie

                          I am not sure if you are still looking for any shared information on this topic or not; however, I can say that I obtain information much better learning on my own. I recieved my degree online and got better grades than I did in high school. I sacrificed a great deal of my time and drifted away from some friendships; however, my dedication to continued education has paid off.

                          Even though I believe I am successful in learning new tools online, I would have to agree with the other responses highlighting how people learn differently. If the organization is providing training courses specific to their industry then I would say an instructor would have to be involved in some way. If an organization wants to support/invest in an employee furthering his or her education to better themselves and the company; I would say e-learning is a useful tool. I found many certifications from MS can be achieved through e-learning such as a MCSC MCSE and many others to include Cisco certifications.

                          Again, like the other repsonses noted, the necessary learning environment is specific to the individual.
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                            DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer

                            A very thought provoking post, thank you!

                            Unfortunately one of the first things companies cut from their budgets during economic hard times is training. As budgets are extremely tight, they have to find new ways to deliver training to their employees that will be cost effective while efficient. As many have already said, everyone learns in their own way, but it is certainly a cheaper way of training if you can use your office computers and a modem rather than hiring a trainer to come in.

                            I personally attended college classes online and I loved it! E-learning allowed me to study on my schedule, not have to commute to classes and even attend my classes in my jammies if I so desired. I found that I learned much more through my e-classes than I did in a brick and mortar classroom. If I required additional help, tutors were always available. The convenience is just what many single moms have been waiting for in order to finally obtain their degrees!

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                              dpeterson Wayfarer
                              As a sales trainer that offers e-learning classes I would have to say... Yes. E-learning is becoming a necessary and beneficial piece of the corporate landscape. Specifically the benefits of this type of learning can be huge if the instructor can engage the participants. In my case our web based sales training classes are live and the students are allowed to ask questions and get immediate feedback. We get lots of questions and most of the questions pertain to just about everyone. In some instances we will take the questions off line if it doesn't pertain to the rest of the class (industry specific or requiring a very lengthy answer, etc).

                              As for the e-learning classes that are not live in the right setting these also have merit. If you let them workers could spend the day surfing the web so as group we know they like to read interesting articles. If you can make your e-learning experience interesting then it will be a win-win for both you and your employees.

                              David Peterson - President: Atlanta Sales and Consulting
                              ASC offers web-based sales training on many different topics:
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                                deidrea8 Newbie
                                YES! E-learning has a lot of benefits including some that are better than face-to-face! For HR and Employee training e-learning is THE way to go!
                                The site that I have worked with is Intellum ( and they have a lot of information on their site about how much more beneficial it is to use e-learning. You can customize the programs and you can also integrate blended teaching if you are worried about the face-to-face interaction. There is also so much control you have over the dashboard and data about student's progress.
                                Although face-to-face is traditional and norm and has plenty of benefits I think that e-learning (for companies, not necessarily for basic growing learning) is so much more cost effective and easier to navigate and control and is just overall a better plan.
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