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    Govt. Grant

    LUCKIEST Guide
      I applied for a Govt. Grant & was contacted by reps of United Economic
      Agency who said I qualify/

      *United Economic Agency also said I need to let them hit my account for
      $375.00, which is totally refundable, less $49.99 for their processing fee. Do
      you know if United Economic Agency is working for the Government when it comes
      to grants starting a new*

      Thanks, LUCKIEST



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          Corneredcircl Adventurer

          I tried to reply earlier to this post.

          No this is not a good thing. You should never give out your Bank account number to anyone. If you go to the following link you will get the government business linked to giving grants to businesses the SBA. Unfortunately, they do not give grants to start-ups.

          Look at it this way they will have three transactions in your account with withdrawals of different amounts. Their activity will no longer be flagged by your bank and they may debit as much as they want, possibly leaving you with an overdraft. I must stess this point NEVER give away your bank account information.
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            humberto Newbie
            Never pay for any fee for any government grant, $375.00 is a SCAM,
            you can look into the government webssite and find the area to apply for the grant, or go to your city hall in your city and ask information for free.
            all the money they are going to get from your bank account is the same if you go to the city hall in your city and get the same information for free
            DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID: do not pay any fee, unless you want to loose your money,
            if you want to loose money, just send to me, and god will bless you
            to get government grant now with the economy the way it is, is very hard, but you can get, lots os work, for free
            send me 100.00 and I will give you all information for you to get the application for the grant in washington.
            good luck, and DO NOT PAY ANY FEE, EVER