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    Home Buisness

    shandalin Newbie
      If you love candles then I have a great buisness for you.I sell Gourmet candles from my site.
      These candles are amazing,I have searched along time to find something that I not only love and use in my own home but have no problem with telling people that they can make some great money with them.These candles are soot free,double wicked and double scented,they are great for fundraisers,home parties,craft fairs ,you also make money from your own site ,and there is no waste to this product.It leaves about 1/4 of an inch in the base so you can take the rest out and use it in a simmer pot,or put it in a draw bag and use the rest for the car ,or your closet,take the lable off wash the jar and you have a great container,to paint on or use ,their are other fine products also.If anyone is looking for a great part or full time job with a great company,just go to and click on the candle link.You can also e-mail me from the site with questions you may have.