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    Christian Clothing

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      is Starting a Christian Clothing company a good Idea/
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          Do you know of a demand in the Christian community for a clothing line that is not currently available through current retailers?


          I haven't researched the market, but know many Christians and I have never heard any gripes from them about not being able to find clothing that they want. I guess that you could look at creating a line of t-shirts for special events or as a way to get out certain messages, but I would recommend that you create drawings of some samples and go directly to the Christian community (either through large churches, associations, web sites, blogs, etc,...) and see what response you get.


          I wouldn't recommend that you invest more time and money before doing so.


          Hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            That depends. The problem with branding yourself as a 'Christian clothing company' is that you are segregating yourself from the general population. Personally I have always wondered how things like books, office supplies and clothing can be deemed 'christian'.

            A large 'christian office supply and bookstore' has gone out of business in the DFW area, they had several stores and sold all manner of christian supplies, books, do -dads, file folders etc. Problem was people finally figured out that Office Depot was less expensive and next to Starbucks. Sorry for the digression...

            How would these clothes be different? Are you planning on catering to those in the patriarchy movement, designing clothes for the prairie muffins and their offspring? Are you designing for modesty? There are lots of clothing lines that people can purchase that keep it covered. Are you designing for christian steam punkers?

            Why do you have to label the company 'christian'? Adhering to ethical business practices and doing business in the proper manner should be enough for you to know in your heart of hearts whether or not you are really a 'christian' company. Do you only want to sell to other christians? If so, how can you be sure that your products are only purchased by other christians?
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              Christian Clothing, Welcome

              Is Starting a Christian Clothing company a good Idea??

              Develop a business plan and input the results into a crystal ball
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                The most direct answer to your question is - it all depends.

                If you are looking to create a Christian clothing business to serve the needs of this community but do not care if you make a profit or not, that will shape your review and analysis. If you believe there is a large and compelling opportunity to make a lot of money, that too will shape your review and analysis.

                If you were to come to me or any business consultant, we would want much more information about you, your goals, ideas, thoughts and rational to even consider this idea before coming up with any reasonable reply. So if you want to expand your question with more information, go for it.

                Good luck. Ben