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    Tuscanesque Winery Looking for investors

    Jpettin Newbie
      Anyone want to get into wine? I have a beautiful winery, a great business 7 year plan (ready to pitch - I read luckiest comments) but I need some help. Q4 last year and Q 1 this year left us in a pickle.

      Basically, we are a beautiful and unique winery located in the heart of Plano/frisco right next to a mall. We opened in Dec 2007 and have built a great client base. We offer the following services:
      Customers can buy by the taste, flight, glass, bottle or batch (30 bottles).
      We make all of our own wine and can provide custom labels.
      We provide custom gift baskets.
      We have paint your own wine glass parties every Thursday (10-30 people)
      We have live music every Friday and Saturday.
      You can host private parties in our Tuscana room, or rent out the entire winery

      How we are different from everyone else...
      I am deeply involved in my store - I am part of the brand and we provide the best most personalized customer service. Our customers can have weddings, receptions, and wide range of events here - and they can use any vendor for catering and etc.... We have also done several movie promotions with Sony Pictures. We are the best kept secret in Plano TX.

      Since we opened the business has steadily grown however we encountered several factors out of our control. Q4 2008 and Q1 2009 really hurt us. I also had a partner that - lets just say did not do what he was supposed to do. Between his salary last year, and the economic bomb of 2008 we are struggling to recover. I am vested heavily and want it to succeed and am working 70 hours plus without pay. My plan shows we can turn it around but because we were not profitable the firstyear (What business is?) I am having trouble getting funding. We need about $100k to get through space reduction (Reduce our rent by 40%) reduce our sq ft by 19% from (5200 to 4000). The landlord has been great to work with UCR. Does anyone have any ideas? Suggestions? like wine????



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          wilfin Adventurer
          Well as much as my wife and I love a great glass of excellent wine I was of course drawn to this.
          However as a financier and what you have said interests me as well.

          A business plan is of course very important, as well as the executive summary outlining your objectives
          and exit strategy. Please feel free to contact me at the contact info on my profile. Thanks.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Two things. First, you need to change the "best kept secret" idea. You want to be the best know winery in your area. You might want to think about improving your marketing. No better way to grow your business than through cash flow. You have a business plan but what about a marketing plan? You can find a SBDC in your area who will help you research and develop a new marketing plan - this is probably your best long-term solution for a sustainable business.

            Second, if you are seeking partners or funding - think locally. Your business is most likely a local business and locals would know your market better than anyone else. I would suggest you get out into your community and network. Attend networking event and talk to everyone. Try to find CPAs, lawyers and other business owners (most are wine lovers). If they don't invest or help out they are usually the gatekeepers for those that will.

            Business Money Today
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                Jpettin Newbie
                Much thanks for your suggestions....
                I have a very detailed marketing plan with my business plan. I appreciate the feedback on the "best kept secret" - Believe me I don't want to be. I would love to be known as the best winery in Plano. I have found several sources to help get our name out there but there is always a bigger better faster way - so I am open to any ideas and suggestions.

                I have also been to the website below business finance (about 6 months ago) - unfortunately I have only gotten a ton of calls from merchant funding groups who take 30% interest which is not a smart business decision.

                I have been to the SBDC and - wow the people there are great but they pointed me to an ARC loan. I don't qualify because I have not been in business two years.
                I did however get connected with some incredible people who had many other suggestions. They are so swamped right now.

                I do love the idea about reaching out to some local business to see about finding some other sources. I have not had good luck with the Frisco Chamber - they had a party on me at my ribbon cutting, and never input my flyers into the new home packets as promised, and three different leaders over the course of a year. So I have shyed away from the chambers. Maybe rotary clubs and the likes may be the way to go..... any other suggestions?

                Thanks again,