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    Name Ownership

    mparkansy Newbie
      I am paying an individual to name my business, how do I do the legal work in this? What is required so that I have on contract that I own this name that he/she contrived?

      Do I need a signature or is an electronic email good enough?
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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          If this person has been in this business for some time then he/she will have this information in the terms and agreements of their business. This is a common issue so depending on who you are going with they will already have anticipated this and have a solution in place. However, if it is a newer company or a freelance worker then in your contract should have, above all, a section that plainly states that once you pay for the name you own all rights to it. Despite any loopholes, generally, once you register your business and register the DBA no one in the county(ies) that you register in can have that name, or a name that can be confusued with your name, in the same industry. So, if you have a business specific name you generally won't have problem. If you do, you will have your contract to fall back on. As far as writing the contract, consult an attorney if possible because they will use the right verbage to make it airtight.