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    Website review

    artdriver Wayfarer
      May I ask to review the websites of and and send me your comments on the layout and informative content?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          What you did NOT do is the rectangle square music happy thing...very good. Except for the site content bar at the top of the page which I think is unavoidable in this case. What I particularly like is that the main content looks like a letter to the reader from you. It makes you more personal to the reader. (I am so ready to discuss SunTzu Art of War now that I have the 'technology' to pester that person. That would be you and just kidding unless you really want to discuss the Art of War.)

          If it was me I would take out the Accomplishment header and add those two items to your 'About' section. Your whole About section is a serious set of accomplishments to behold and marvel.

          I like the two books on the side, but a mouse over with a snippet of 'content' could be interesting, content from a part of the book that best describes the title of that book.

          So are you the Robert Fisk/Eric Margolis of China? You seem to be, except on the policy side instead of journalism side. I have lived and worked in Taiwan, the Chinese culture is very interesting and can sometimes be confusing. It seems as though your books would provide good business intelligence as well.

          Looking forward to ordering and reading your books.

          The Diva