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    Are you a Connecticut employer needing affordable HR assistance?

    EmplymtAnswrs Newbie
      Visit us at Let be your HR department or supplement your current HR department by handling those necessary but burdensome administrative tasks that take you and your employees away from their real job. Non-compliant paperwork, files, practices, policies and operating procedures can lead to unexpected fines and litigation as more and more employees are suing.

      Our services aim to reduce risk, incorporate compliance as well as help you create a competitive edge in your business. We utilize over 15 years of professional expertise in Human Resources as well as our professional certifications and formal education to provide service in the following areas.

      Audit, Compliance & Certifications: Organizational Policy and Employee Handbook Development
      Benefits - FMLA Administration
      Employee Engagement - Diversity, Work/Life Balance, Wellness Programs
      Employee Relations - Progressive Discipline, Terminations
      Employee Surveys
      Talent Selection& Management
      Training & Development - Sexual Harassment Prevention, HR/Management Basics 101, Developing Performance Appraisals