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    Human Resources, Benefits, Payroll, Taxes, Time & Attendance

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      The http://www.acceon-usa/ effect:

      • An increased sense of control of your revenue-earning processes
      • Freedom from draining HR responsibilities
      • Higher operational efficiency
      • Peace of mind knowing employees are paid & taxes / compliance are covered
      • The capability to expand your business and increase your volume at a moments notice

      While your company will continue to direct your employees' daily activities, Acceon USA will take-on your daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly HR management and oversight, freeing your company to concentrate on revenue-earning or other departmental activities. Frequently, our new customers have staff tackling both their normal day-to-day activities as well as HR related functions - even in Fortune 500 companies! Our solution allows business owners the peace of mind that their staff are operating at peak proficiency within their intended capacity.


      We will complete all of your HR activities including, time tracking and attendance, accruals, employee benefits and insurance, payroll processing and payment (via check, debit card or direct deposit), workers compensation, unemployment insurance, handling EEOC claims, tax reporting and form disbursement (online access.) We will also assume certain other responsibilities, risks, and overhead for your company.


      Our services replace your need for in-house HR Managers and staff, streamlining your cost centers and in many cases, actually saving you money! No more tax filings, no more tracking accruals, no more payroll processing, no more job posting or recruiting (click here for info on our PEO Plus plan), no more hiring, and no more firing.