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    Stealth Website Marketing Tip

    8acompany Wayfarer
      Have you ever wondered how your competition's website is able to attract new business?
      They are using effective keywords. What are keywords? These are the words that describe the products / services they offer.

      So how do you discover what keywords they are using? It is easy to find out... here's how...

      Do a Google search to find your competition. Choose the top three sites.
      Go to each website. Place the cursor on a blank area and right-click. Look for the option - View source.
      This will open up the HTML coding behind the scenes.

      Look for the words meta tags or keywords. Bingo! Here are the keywords your competition uses to attract more business.
      You can tell a lot about a business with the keywords they use. For
      example: search engines will consider you are spamming if you use a
      word more than 7 times.

      What can you do with this knowledge? copy the keywords from the three
      sites, review them and then add these keywords to your website.
      Need help with metatags and keywords? Contact us at 888-802-9620