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    Traveling Light, Lost Baggage

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Tis the travel season with large numbers of luggage being lost by airlines.
      Has anybody tried door to door luggage delivery services, being offered to
      those who want to be sure their bags will get to their destination??
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          CorpCons08 Ranger
          I hear these delivery services for luggage have been very unreliable.
          Baggage has been delayed getting to their destination and many items lost. (same as airline problems)
          I have yet to hear anybody telling me otherwise. I am going to trust the airlines once again, and pray that they make it to their destination.

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            If you are sending a bag I would use FedEx...a little pricey but at least it will get there. FDX can also handle the customs clearances and get it delivered to the hotel.
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              Bluesuit Adventurer

              Good question. I travel occassionally for work and never check my baggages. I follow this principle when traveling for leisure. Just bring carry-on. Never check your luggage. It will get lost or the wait could be painfully long! Carry-on only can be tough during the holidays if you have presents - so I buy all my gifts online and have them directly shipped to my final destination using the site's standard shipping. Works well if you are visiting with family/friends.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                I have to have a lot of stuff at some of my business destinations, and have been using FedEx religiously for over ten years. Anything I can't carry in one hand and take on the plane with me goes in a box a day or two before. Costly -- but not as costly as not having something there when I need it, and far more convenient than dragging three cases through an airport, onto a rental car bus, across a parking lot, etc.
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                  BDS INC Adventurer
                  Knock on wood - I don't travel much but occasionally to the Northeast where I have a few properties and I always check bags and to tell you the truth I've never walked out of an airport without my bag. I am not defending the airline industry, I just do two things:

                  1. Show up at the airport at least an hour before my flight is scheduled to board
                  2. Do curb side check in and tip the porters nicely. $10 tip for a porter or a $40 shipping charge for Fed Ex
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                    NetworkGuru Wayfarer

                    I've travel a great deal in my short life, over 17 countries around the globe, and never had my luggage lost, knock on wood.

                    Though, I do ship my bike with UPS. That's a $10K investment worth the small charge knowing it's going to get there...unharmed.
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                      WEBillions Adventurer
                      NetworkGuru has been lucky or maybe is stealing my luck (grrr). Hehe. Though I've only been to 11 countries, my bags have been lost many times. The worst was when I went to Africa for a conference. They kept telling me it would show up the next day until the end of the conference when they finally said they had no idea where it was and somehow my luggage number had been recycled so there was no way to track it! Luckily, it somehow found it's way back to me a month later after I had replaced most of my stuff. I was very nervous on my next trip to India when my bag came out dead last, but at least it made it.

                      I try to pack better now, making sure I have the essentials in my carry on. This is particularly important when traveling abroad where it might not be so easy to just buy some new things.