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    Executive Calendar

    LUCKIEST Guide

      How do I set up a effective executive calendar using strategies/planning/goal setting etc??


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          KARLAAMAYA Adventurer
          Hi Luckiest,

          Please be more specific. If you're trying to manage a calendar online, I would suggest google calendars which I use for my clients. Please advise a little bit more, not sure when you say strategies???


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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Each goal has to have a set of business rules or strategies that you need to get there.

            for each goal on a separate piece of paper:

            list the goal at the top and work downward, the very last item will be your starting point.

            once you have all of your goals defined, put the papers side by side and compare work/strategy items, look for things you can accomplish as overlap tasks. Keep a master checklist for each step in the goal reaching process and put these baby steps on your daily calendar working through all the steps to your final goal on whatever date comes due. Be sure to allot yourself plenty of work time to get through each step. The more you hurry the more you will be going back and forth to get things up to date.

            This is what I use to put my sets of aircraft records together based on what a new operator wants/needs for their particular certification processes. It is also how I work to develop my software apps.