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    Cash flow problems..Looking for assistance with grants ect.

    jbc123 Newbie
      Being in business since 2/08 we have grown 628%. Thats great but in the type of business we are in we have lots of expenses. Our cash flow has dwindled and now the owner of the building we lease is putting it up for sale. We are not in a position to buy a buildling right now nor is it in our business plan for a few years yet. Can anyone assist with how we could obtain money or find investors ect. We have one investor right now but said he cant do much more. So basically I am just looking for some advice to keep our business going.
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          phanio Pioneer
          How much are your seeking? What are the funds for? There are many options for you from unsecured to secured (physical or financial assets). Without knowing what you are seeking - it is hard to give advice.

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            rhanley Newbie

            It is tough to say what course of action would work best for your situaion given the limited information you have given, but I might be able to give some advice. Due to your lack of track record going to a traditional bank loan is likely not an option. Despite the tremendous growth you have achieved over the past year and a half, banks typically require at least 3 years of tax returns. Also, given the current economic climate and the realestate market banks are not likely to lend since they are trying to clean up their balance sheets and get potentially bad realestate loans out of their portfolio's. The outside investor is definately an option you should explore depending on how much equity you are willing to give up in your company if any. I would not advise against looking for grants, but do not rely on it since it is much more likely that you will not receive any. Depending on what type of business you are in VC funding might be an option since you are showing explosive growth, but they typically are looking for companies that have a defenseable market position, disruptive technology, or homerun potential. Again because of lack of information it is very difficult to say whether that applies. Best of luck in your search.