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    The Power of Leverage: Don’t Work Harder – Work Smarter

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      Are you running a mile a minute and feel overwhelmed by all the projects and paperwork piled on your desk? There's one key word that you need to add to your daily vocabulary: leverage. When you exert a small amount of effort, you gain large results. Think of it as the "working smarter, not harder" approach - accomplish a LOT of work but don't spend a lot of time doing that work.

      How can you make the power of leverage work for you on a daily basis? By following these strategic tools, you will feel more productive after you've clocked a hectic 60 hour work week.

      The Leverage Principle
      Imagine a lever. On one side of the lever you have your team players (colleagues, clients, vendors, contacts, prospects, etc) - ALL the people who contribute to your success. The other side of the lever represents YOU: your visions, dreams, goals and objectives.

      The weight that you put on the lever should be equally balanced - don't rely JUST on your contacts and JUST on yourself. The trick is that you are all working towards a common goal and that both sides of the lever benefit in return.

      Networking and More Networking
      Networking centers on making personal connections. However, people drop the networking ball when business cards lie on their desks for weeks. Don't allow business cards to collect dust. Use those connections to help you in your business. You probably don't even realize how MANY people you know already. Those contacts in your email lists and Rolodex have what you need - time, expertise and money.

      Networking marketing uses this tactic: "Who do you know who can help me succeed?" For example, you need to update your website design. You have a limited budget for the project. However, you've established a great rapport with your printer. You know that your printer works with web designers. You ask your printer for a personal recommendation.

      As a result, the printer becomes your liaison: the web designer cuts you a discounted price because of your personal connection with the printer. Website design problem solved (and you just got a bargain!)

      The Benefits of Outsourcing
      Not only will outsourcing save you time and money but you reap the benefits of a higher return on investment. You can't be an expert in every facet of your business. If you aren't good with numbers, don't frustrate yourself by trying to attempt payroll.

      The hours you waste trying to churn out projects that someone can do better will leave you frustrated and the results will be disappointing. You also take away valuable time from your own projects and priorities.

      The power of leverage comes down to a mutually symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits and wins in the end. Remember this daily mantra: don't work harder - work smarter!

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