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    looking for a investor

    deano1982 Wayfarer
      hi looking for a invester to help with a new business start up cost im looking for someone to invest £10.000
      my objectives are that i intend to be as sucessful as high street names and places such as plumbase,pts, in one years time id expect my business to be turning over at least £120.000 by the second id expect it to double and so on.
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          RanksIntl Adventurer

          It is great that you are looking to start a venture! The first thing that you will need to approach a potential investor is a business plan. Your business plan will include your market research, your financial situation(how much you have to invest, how much you need and your plan for return on investment) as well as management profiles, etc.

          If you need any help getting started or a general outline of one you can email me at the address in my profile.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            looking for a investor, Welcome

            Tell us more. Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            If you are looking for an investor to help with your new business you need a business plan that the investor can read.

            Good luck