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    Social network for the blind-- where to go from here?

    dustybray Newbie
      I run a social-networking site geared toward the blind and visually impaired community, Since it's creation, the site has really taken off: I've received very positive feedback, the site grows on its own, my users are requesting more development, and I love developing for the site. Unfortunately, it's a lot of work for just me, and there's no compensation, so I just can't give it the attention it deserves. I have people who would like to help with the site, but no way to pay them. Could this project be turned into a viable business?

      I'm really looking for suggestions on a good business model from someone who has more experience in this area. Absolutely everyone I've talked to has strong opinions about specific features / services they'd like to see on the site, but I'm looking for better-informed opinions on practical revenue streams. What are reliable sources of income, and what can I realistically expect to make? I should note that I genuinely want to provide a beneficial service to my users, so I'm pretty opposed to making my users pay for anything unless a service is just really worth their money.

      And this is a slightly different topic, but can anyone give advice on grants? I'm visually impaired, and I'm providing a service to the visually impaired community, so I know this opens up a few doors, but how likely is it that I could actually get my hands on substantial grant money? And would this only be enough to start a business, or is it possible to sustain a business like this just with grants?

      Thank you so much in advance for any help,