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    My venture is opening a online boutique, how do I start?

    risky_fashion Wayfarer
      I am wanting to start up a online boutique geared towards women's clothing and accessories, I have done much needed research but I seem to keep running into road block. I am wanting to wholesale items but I am having problems with getting in contact with actual wholesalers, what could I possibly be doing wrong?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Online boutique, how do I start, Welcome

          Start by telling us MORE. Go to Members page and share some info.

          How soon do plan on starting?? Where are you?? Have you developed a business plan yet??

          The more you share, the better we can help you.
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              risky_fashion Wayfarer
              I am looking to take my time on things, I have been working on my business plan since mid year of "08". I am looking to start things by the end of the year but I know that Is subject to change. I am in Texas and the reason I want to offer the online boutique is beacuse I like the easy access of shopping online, never having to worry a lot of people wearing the same attire as yourself. Creating that outlet that gives people the flexibility in style that they need. creating that shock factor for all interested buyers. I need to know what is the best approach, when dealing with wholesalers? How do I find wholesalers? I want to sell affordable clothing that maintains today's trendy looks, how do I go about in finding wholesalers that have the looks I am looking for without having to reach out to High-designers.
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              risky_fashion Wayfarer

              Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, bare with me I am new to the site and learning exactly how to use the site . I would love to share more about about my idea
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                  risky_fashion Wayfarer

                  Yes, I have started on my business plan. I have the understand of all that it takes and I am willing to take baby step to be able to know that I am covering every bit of ground that is needed to start-up. I am in Texas were a lot of the fashion out here is up to status but as far as the actual resources and it being a go to city for fashion,that I can not get what I would need. Now there are thriving in store boutiques but not many local online boutique owners.
                  My reasoning for wanting to open and online boutique :
                  *Is simply because of the convince of online (its hassle free), as a constant buyer for my own personal fashion I really would like to have a website that I could go to, to find the styles that interest me and know that I didnt have to drive 30 minutes out to get it.
                  • to offer fashion that just doesnt look like the next person. That is sometimes a problem when you shop in trendy stores that every one knows about, ( I would want to offer in my boutique, exclusive pieces). I know that when a person thinks exclusive,they may think high end clothing , not at all. I would want to offer a select choice of clothing that you don't ever have to worry about to many people having. nothing would ever be recycled. Once its out its our.
                  *offering facets such as: personal shopper to clients (building that trust and relationship with loyal clients were all they have to do is say, " hey I have a event that I will be attending and I need something that is trendy and tasteful." Allowing to cut the middle work out for them, with my own personal shopping. I know at times for myself that can always come in handy and I have even had people ask for my assistance in that area because they see how I have a great eye.
                  *Offering prices that people can relate to, Now don't get me wrong I love and respect high end designers but as of now is it really something that I can invest in and afford. I am just like the everyday working individual. Times aren't at there best so I need prices that are comfortable to my lifestyle.
                  • creating that shock factor( meaning, when the clothing is seen, the automatic pop up in there mind is , "oh I know that is a high end designer that is being worn", but once they visit the site they are able to see that is far from the case.
                  *I strongly believe fashion is all about how you wear it. I know that the fashion that I choose for my personal wear is always chosen with great class and complementing to my body type. I know that I am doing things right when people always ask me were did you get that outfit from? and for most of my friends that know my one stop shop, never can seem to believe that I was am able to find such a look out of one the most popular trendy stores in Texas.

                  My eye for fashion is to always go for the clothing that I think no one else would wear and creating a look, that probably would have never been thought of. With that said, I plan on getting things kicked off by the end of the year, I have a lot of backing in retail and marketing but none in actual buying. I really need to know; 1.Do I have to buy in bulk? 2. What are some questions that I should ask wholesalers? 3. what is the best approach of building relationships with wholesalers?