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    Crumbs or a loaf of Bread?

    markhill Newbie
      I am sure you have got over 100 emails over the last week telling
      you how "great" someone's product or teaching is when it comes to
      Network Marketing.

      How many of these 100...have the tools and skills to help you
      success to your next level? Whether you are a beginner or Super

      Now, let me ask you how many of these give you what you need for
      FREE? Have you ever heard of anyone giving everything for FREE?

      Probably not... People are trying to make a living out here on the net.

      So, let me ask you...what is there "true" motive to get you to come
      in and sing up for their free introductory material? That's
      simple...building that list.

      Now let me ask you like being just a number? Or do you
      really want to build a relationship and a friendship that will
      last forever?

      I have been around for a little while, following the bread crumbs
      all over the internet. I have learn and picked up some things along the
      way, but what do I have to show for it?

      Well, until the last 3 months of my life....NOTHING! Just a lot of
      little crumbs in my pocket that I could never figure out what they all

      Now, there is very experienced people way above my head in this
      network that I have GREAT respect for. This is not a bash on them at
      all. But, if you are new, or have been in the networking business for
      less than 3 years, and you are truly tired of following breads
      crumbs...I have a little secret for you....

      Let's become friends and I will share as much information with you for FREE that you will ever need.

      See, I am not going to sell my product to you. I want to get to know you for you.

      I want to hear what you did this weekend, if you have a family, what
      your goals for life are, and what you goals for the next 30-90 days

      So, what does your crystal ball say when you look inside of it?

      How would you like for me to show you more about my crystal ball?

      If you want to follow the "Guru's" that are dropping bread crumbs,
      then I wish you the best. But, I know it better to eat a sandwich with
      2 slices of bread and not bread crumbs.

      I look forward in sharing the meat you need to make your sandwich taste better with that loaf of bread that I have for you.


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