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    Business Opportunity / Idea

      I run a small website hosting business and I have been searching for sales people for 6 months now and people just don't seem to have the motivation and drive to suceed. Rather than scrubbing the program and giving up on the sales idea I lowered the requirements so that anyone could just simply place ads online and get piad the same 60% commission.

      This has actually turned out very well since most peole are very lazy and want instant rewards. I decoded to pay every week so it would be extra incentive, no waiting for cash. Make a sale on Monday and get paid on Friday.

      Obviously we need people now to place ads for us and get paid every week. It is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work from home. No set hours, make as much as you want and get paid every week. How do you beat that?

      With a referral fee of $75 per sale if you place one ad and get one sale you make $75 for 5 minutes work. If the ad gets 10 sales you make $750 for the same 5 minutes work. Place more ads, make more money.

      If anyone is interested in participating go to for more details. We are a small company with a great reputation and open to working with anyone on new ideas that will help our business.