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    Travel time pay for a salaried employee.

    confused202 Newbie
      I am the manager for a small business and I've been dealing with an employee that tries to get every little cent they can for what they're asked to do. We've overcome a few obsticles in figuring out what this particular employee will get. However, a new one arose today.........The employee asked if he could go to a one day medical workshop out of town. This travel time is 3 1/2 hours there and 3 1/2 hours back. When other employees have done such things they've been paid for the mileage that they're putting on their personal vehicles and not for the actual time it takes to get to their destination. In this case, the mileage would be a total of 445.50 miles. If this were an hourly employee, they'd be paid for their actual travel time and not the mileage. This employee wants travel time as well as pay for the mileage. I don't know the correct way to handle this and if the employee should get pay for both time and mileage. Any insite?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Travel time pay for a salaried employee, Welcome

          Tell me more. What is your title with the company?? How many employees?? What state is the company located in?? Has the company established an employee manual?? Do salaried employees get comp time?? Is there a union involved?? Does your company retain an accountant and or a lawyer??

          You want to be fair and also stay within the law. Be careful, LUCKIEST

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            When I was a salaried employee and traveled I was paid my regular salary + expenses, mileage, hotel, meals etc. You have an employee that is more trouble than they are worth. This person is one that 'uses the system' and will find every advantage, disadvantage, nook, cranny, loophole, stepping get the idea. This person would have been gone long ago from my company. Talking to them will not help, this is a personality issue.
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              caffeinated Scout
              Hi confused202 and welcome to the SBOC

              Do you have the authority to update the employee handbook? I would suggest doing so to avoid this in the future. Make sure it is explicitly clear. But for your question at ahnd and based solely on your post, it seems pretty obvious that the individual should only be paid on miles accrued on their personal vehicle. They're already on the company clock for travel time so "double-dipping" is the employee just being greedy.

              good luck and let us know how it turns out