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    New Plans for JASTB Trucking

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      Due to reasons beyond my control, JASTB Truckings startup will begin as a single truck operation. It will be a non-haz mat, flatbed and Florida only trucking company. The amount of startup will remain the same. We have decided that operating a drybox trailer is not feasible as the amount of time to get loaded is too lengthy. We will consider operating drybox trailers in the future. Our contacts for available freight should have decreased but instead has increased. We will also be employing a freight factoring service along with a payroll company to keep track of all expenditures to employees.


      I will personally be driving the first truck and will train an employee to take over this truck that has graduated from the Palm Bay Truck Driving Academy.


      Our goal is to be known as one of the best flatbed operations in Florida. Our first truck will operate at or above 112,000 miles per year.


      The owner, James Adams, has cut all personal expenses not currently needed and will be operating at a minimum budget. The cell phone for contact is no longer available.


      The initial $58,000 will go to the purchase of the following equipment: ///Fax machine to fax insurance and truck certifications to different dispatchers for their records, ///Computer and internet connection for business use only. This computer will have Microsoft 2007 Excel and Word and have the Vista operating system.///Down payment on tractor ( Kenworth daycab) flatbed 48' split axle trailer, securement straps and chains, tarps/// Tires and maintenance needed to pass state of Florida inspections and training videos and programs for new hires through JJ Keller. There will be $5,000 to be put into an interest bearing account to cover emergency repairs while on the road. The amount in this account will increase at a rate of $200 per month after startup. /// Purchase of licensing requirements per the state of Florida and other miscellaneous expenses.We have set the rate of fuel at $4.50 per gallon and is considered into our variable costs.Currently, the average hauling rate and our operating rate per mile is set to make money. Anyone wanting to see our operations will be sent an email with a microsoft excel program. You will see our cost per mile and in the email will be given the current rate being charged. Anything over our operational cost per mile will go to the investor for the next 2 years. If another truck is purchased during the initial 2 year investment period, the investor shall have the authority to approve or disapprove the growth. The profits from truck number 2 will also be shared to the investor as a gesture of appreciation for getting this business going. We are currently looking for an excape clause for the investor. This would include selling all equipment if needed. But, I dont think this will happen. Back up plans are being put in place for every imaginable scenario including hurricanes, accidents, death, sickness or injuries etc.
      I can be contacted through this email. Thank you.
      James Adams - Owner / Operator