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    Business partner wanted

    Madacad Newbie
      Should a screen printing company with property, equipment, experienced staff and a new product/marketing concept seek investment in return for equity? Or, would a working partner with artistic inclinations and working capital be a better option?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Business partner wanted, Good question

          You should develop a Business and Marketing Plan, then interview staff if any are interested in becoming partners and also check out your second option ( a working partner) and see which is a better fit.

          I know this does NOT answer the question, BUT you are giving us limited info.

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            dubweb Wayfarer
            well if website needed do let me know :D

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              arthur01 Newbie
              If you just accept money from an investor you are no closer to getting over the "creative hump" to assist you in growing your company through innovative solutions for design and marketing. A mony investor that does not participate in the day-to-day operations is only going to want your money whether you are succesful or not.

              I believe that a working partner with a similar mindset and enthusiasm willing to a "earn" equity position is a better solution. When a person has a stake in a business, and their livelyhood is dependent on the success of the business, there is a better result. Be sure that there is a commonality between yourself and the partner.

              I have owned three startup businesses with partners.

              Example: My business was using the service of an engraving supplier who could not meet my deadlines. I decided to purchase the equipment needed to replace the supplier. I had an acquaintence who needed work because his "Party Supply" business was not doing well. I put up most of the money to buy the equipment to start the new business that would supply my business. Our arrangement was that we would only have wage money draws that were equal and at the same time. A minimum of twenty percent of the income was reserved for all business expenses. We expended into other areas of services to clients other than to my other company. We expended into sand blasting, glass etching, signs, tags, badges and whatever else out customers wanted. There were times when he would do the entire project, there were time I did the project and times when we worked together. No matter on the time we put in, we paid ourselves the same amount.

              I would take a partner before just taking money and getting a non-participating person looking over my shoulder.
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                UncleLeon Scout
                In my opinion, every "partner" needs to have SOME "skin" in the game. A working partner with 'nothing to loose can be gone on the next "wisp of wind".

                An "investor" who doesn't "work" in the business, still has skin in the game. He has a PROFOUND vested interest in your success. And, based upon the nature of your agreement with him, will prosper, only if the business prospers.