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    What? No Homework-you deserve to fail.

    Iwrite Pioneer
      But I don't want you to, most of the members on this forum don't. It is why we take the time and try to answer questions to the best of our ability.

      The problem is that some of the questions could have been easily answered by doing the most basic homework. And what does it say about a business person who has not even invested the smallest amount of time in researching what it will take to start and run a business? People come to this forum for answers to questions that a simple web search could quickly answer, you're on the internet already.

      I am not saying that people should not ask any question they want, but don't get an attitude when the answer is for you to go and do some research on your own. Being referred to SCORE may be the best thing for you. There are too many sharks on this forum. Our answers to our questions are not always neutral or unbias - it is better sometimes to sit and talk with someone in private who can delve into the details of your business and provide you with an indepth and informed answer. Too many members don't even want to use their name, let alone provide the very detail information that it would take to answer some of the questions that have been asked here.

      There is a difference between asking what works best in a business plan and what a business plan is? This is just an example. There have been questions so general and basic that I have had to stop and wonder if the person asking the question is serious about owning and running a business.

      This is just a word of advice from an individual who is willing to answer all your marketing and advertising questions without trying to sell you anything or push an agenda.

      Take it for what it is - free advice. Please do some homework first and then ask a question.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          you deserve to fail

          Derek, You are so right. You and I have been answering posts on B of A from the beginning.
          I learn a lot from you and your answers along with others who also give great answers. To numerous to list them ( they know who they are).

          Thanks for the plug for about SCORE. The same is true when I counsel. Most times the first session is "hello, what can SCORE do for you"??. We then send them home to do homework. Most times that is the end.

          There is a lot of FREE advice on this forum and the web. People going into business should avail themselves of as much info as possible, BUT they must also be careful.

          Like yourself, I also have no agenda to sell, just to educate (sometimes using SCORE)

          Stay well, LUCKIEST
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            golfheaven Adventurer

            HOMEWORK! It is imperative for anyone with a passion for implementing a vision, do homework on a continuous basis. The problem with most people who want to start a business is that they apply the same study habits that they had in school and I wonder if a majority of people even have improved there ability to retain and implement what they have learned.
            KNOWLEDGE is the key to understanding. To use what you have learned is to advance towards your vision of starting a business.
            Continue your education at all times to be on the leading edge of your industry or at least to understand the competition.
            For those who are trying I am reminded of a quote from years ago.

            *"only those who risk going to far can find out how far one can go"*

            Good post.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              You may be "preaching to the choir," but the message is right on target. Thanks for posting.
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                amspcs Ranger
                As Ed McMahon used you say to Johnny Carson: You are CORRECT sir !

                I have a little 'spiel' I have been preaching for years. There are two types of people successfully going into business these days:

                1.) Those who do their homework and make sure they have the knowledge to make necessary decisions; and

                2.) Those who don't do their homework, but at least are wise enough to seek out competent professional
                advise and assistance from people who DO know--attorneys, accountants, bankers, SCORE, SBA, etc

                All the others are easy to spot. They're the ones busy boarding up their windows after 6 months playing
                pretend businessperson.




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                  placeintime Wayfarer

                  I am not as versed in business as the previous posters. I am not even a business owner yet, but working on that now. I have just finshed a business plan that took me the better part of 10 months to complete, and let me say that is was one of the best things that I did. After doing it, I sit back looking at some of the people that post on these forums and think to myself either they are lazy or just have more guts that I do. At first I was frustrated about the numbers and wording and format, but like you said its all out there. I met with a SCORE rep., looked on line, read books to figure it all out. I was amazed how much I learned about the business and business in general. I was amazed how much changing one number on a cashflow affects so much and why things are shown in certain forms and charts.

                  Now I am on to the next chapter, get this funded. I am running into bumps and things that were unexpected, but through self education I know that it will make my business better in the end. I really appreciate all of the knowledge that alot of you post on this forum. It really is does help. Keep it all comming.

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                      Iwrite Pioneer

                      Good luck!

                      I was fortunate to work for a great CEO when I first got into advertising. It was his practice on the first day to sit down with a new employee and talk with him or her about what their goals were - life, job and personal. I told him that one day I wanted to own my own agency and he said, "fine, but that means you have a lot to learn. You have to perfect your craft and learn the 'ins' and 'outs' of running an agency.

                      For the next couple of years, I sat in budget meetings, client presentations, management meetings. He would call me into his office and talk with me about issues or have me prepare reports on issues that were important to running an agency. He gave all of the employees a budget for getting subscriptions to trade publications - he helped me select my list. I learned so much over there.

                      Over the next decade or two, I have work for some really nice people but never had a boss as good as him. He told me that the new employee meetings were his way to assess not only the employee that is joining the agency but their potential, and how to motivate them to give the best to the agency. You can image what it was like to work there.

                      I say all of this because there are many ways to learn but no one can be made to learn. They have to want to learn. It feels like many people want someone else to do the work for them. I don't mind helping people but show me you are serious.

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                          placeintime Wayfarer

                          It is people like yourself, that really are on here to help people that has kept my faith up. I am in a different boat. I have been working in a industry for about 15 years. I was briefly laid off about 7 months ago, and that is when I really came to realize that I wanted to work for myself. I sit work now and it is just a job, no fun or no loyalty anymore. I guess after working hard and pulling the company line, then getting laid off, it will do that to you. I, on the other hand, am doing a 180 and total going after something I enjoy. I am tried of the corporate world and following the leader. But, I have to keep telling myself to be patient. From the research of the business plan, to now the funding, nothing comes easy or as fast as I would like it. I know that through hard work and all of my homework, it will all be good in the end. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I told my wife that our story will be on one of those small business bank comericals one day (HAHA)