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    Quickbooks Merchant Services

    Allora Newbie
      With an expanding business, I am considering using QB merchant services for key entered transactions only. Has anyone any advice, recommendations or comments as to how user friendly and efficient this service is?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          I am a Quickbooks Consultant. I and all my clients are very happy with QB.
          It is definately user friendly. If I can be of help, please let me know.
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            Conversion Newbie
            You may also want to consider these plug-ins for credit card processing in QuickBooks:
            1. QuickBooks credit card processing kit:

            2. Rapid Receipts

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              Buffalo Adventurer

              We signed up for their service a few weeks ago and are very pleased
              with it. We make an imprint of the customer's card on those old
              fashion credit card slips (left over from another business). At the end
              of the day I make out a sales receipt and off it goes to QB. It
              generally takes two days to make it to my bank account. A very
              inexpensive alternative to getting a card swipe machine.

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                amspcs Ranger
                Very user friendly, plus very good 24/7 tech support. You just go to the 'receive payment' option under "customers". It's show you your, check credit card (after you open up and link with your QB merchant account). Select credit card, it'll ask you the account number, expiration #, c v v code, you'll either get an approval or decline, and bingo it'll batch out automatically and the money will end up in your bank account. Quite intuitive.

                Tip on signing up: Sign up through an affiliate program and you'll get an even better deal than from QB direct itself.. exactly the same program, just cheaper. QB direct charges $59.95 setup, affililate free. Direct charges $17.95 per month, affiliate $12.95. Plus, affiliates throw in free copy of QB Pro 2008.

                If you'd like an affiliate signup link, please respond via this forum and provide email contact info. Thanks. Good luck with new biz.

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                  samuelsegal2 Newbie
                  Call me for a discussion about a free terminal and the best rates in the market.
                  Sam Segal

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                    Mistrgt Newbie
                    I have read the reviews at and I have to agree with them. Quickbooks Merchant Service- run by Innovative Merchant Solutions in my opinion, is a complete joke.

                    I have been a small business owner for over 13 years and have tried several different services. The lure for me was the convenience of having payments processed from within Quickbooks at the click of a mouse. BEWARE, it comes at a very steep price. Not only are the rates high, the funding time is super-slow and if you need help, forget it. No one there really cares how your business is affected by their mistakes or their "procedures".

                    If you have any intention of "growing your business", be careful of the limit you can process monthly, which they don't tell you up front. Knowing this before hand, I had asked and was told "There really is no limit as to what you can process". Now it's a whole different story.
                    We basically were processing more each month and that became a problem. Our account went into review in their "Risk management". I didn't have a problem with that...I've been there before.

                    What I did have a problem with is the lack of interest in resolving my account issue. Mind you, they basically "hold" your account and you may not receive any deposits from your credit card batches until they say so. For a small business in this economy, this is potentially a slow and agonizing death. Well, 8 days later, 15 unreturned phone calls and countless aspirin, still no one at IMS wants to get this resolved. On day 9, I got a hold of the supervisor,explained how things were handled and basically got a "I'll call you back". Did he call back you ask? No, but one of the repsdid to explain they were going to hold onto my last batch of $9800.00 as a "security deposit" indefinitely. I was shocked...there was absolutely no reason they could give me but to say "read the contract". I asked what would happen if I cancel my account and they said they would not release that batch for 9 months according to their "policies". Needless to say, that hurts a small business like mine and I'm not sure how to make up for that kind of money.

                    When it comes down to it, this was the absolute most expensive and most frustrating experience I've had with a merchant processor since the day I first opened my doors. I hope this helps future business owners to make a informed choice as to who they decide to use for their merchant service. As for me,I'm movin' on.
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                      tmk108 Wayfarer
                      i used quickbooks in the past. the only problem is you are tied to their processor. there was a couple plugins that could be used to bypass it and use the processor you wish with lower rates and fees but quickbooks did an update that blocked the ability. many processors have online gateways that are much cheaper and sometimes free.

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                        jdizon Newbie
                        I'm a paypal man myself, but it really depends on your product and
                        wheter you sell online. It appears that qb has a payment gateway, but
                        i'm not familiar with it. Merchant Credit Card Processing[/URL]

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                          jdizon Newbie
                          I set-up all regular bills (fax, water, rent, etc.) and all
                          subcontractors as vendors. I can tie the vendor bill in with the
                          customer invoice in the customer invoice screen using the time/cost
                          button. I can add mark-up amounts to the customer invoice when
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                            amspcs Ranger
                            Who are you? What specifically do you have against Luckiest?
                            If you have documented facts, let's hear them. I'm sure we're all interested.
                            If not, enough of the venom and defamation.
                            Show yourself, please.
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                                bugmanfrank Newbie
                                Good Day, I have been a retail merchant since 1982. I have probably only have had 4 or 5 different merchant account suppliers. This is an industry that is hard to shop for best value and profit for the merchant. For the last 5 or 6 years I have been having my processing done threw Sam's Club, believing that I was receiving a good discount rate. Basically from my current studying on this subject there are 2 ways to process. The first way is the tiered. You may be quoted a 1.7 discount rate ( for the standard charge card), but many of the charge cards that you recieve may be at a higher rate. My quoted rate from Sam's was 1.70% a fairly good rate. In the month of DEC last year my effective rate after interchange charges, service charges and fee's was 4.9%. A far cry from the 1.7% quoted. As of this weeks research I am believing that the "STRAIGHT PASS THROUGH" WAY of PROCESSING may be the least expensive or the most profitable for the retailer. In the end what you need to know is how much does it cost you to process charge cards. Total interchange charges plus service charges plus fees divided by the total you submitted = your effective rate. Good luck and be profitable.
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                                    amspcs Ranger

                                    Your experiences and observations mirror those of most merchant. Interchange and processing fees are,
                                    to be sure, a very confusing matter. Few merchants understand them. Unfortunately, many people who sell processing services like it that way.

                                    For starters, let me recommend a couople of pages from our site that I think fairly clearly explain, in layman's terms, how credit card processing and fee structures work. Any merchant who accepts credit cards really should take a few moments and read these pages. Trying to make a wise decision about a subject one knows little or nothing about is obviously not only counterproductive but very dangerous. The pages are:




                                    Cut & paste them to your browser. No hard-sell. Just basic info that merchants need to know.

                                    A comment about Busman's excellent post::

                                    "STRAIGHT PASS THROUGH" is really a misnomer. Any processor who sells you at straight pass-through pricing would, in effect, be re-selling at his dead cost. Of course, this doesn't happen in the business world, every business need to make a little profit margin somewhere. That notwithstanding, we DID have someone on this very forum supposedly offering "Straight Pass Thru" pricing many months ago, so buyer beware!! The uneducated consumer is the shyster's best friend.

                                    What you're really talking about is "Pass-Through plus X" pricing. For example, Pass through plus 10 basis points would mean that no matter what the appropriate rate category, the gross margin mark-up would be the processors cost (Interchange) plus 10 basis points. In other words,the processsor would make a gross profit of $1 for every $1000 processed. That's not a bad margin if you can get it, and if your business has a pretty high volume you just might--we have a couple of merchants at Pass plus 10. But you need to be realistic too--if your business does $1000 per month in cc volume, forget about pass plus 10--and if the salesperson tries to sell you on that concept, you can rest assured you are being lied to and/or swindled.
                                    A more realistic offer for a small merchant might be pass plus 20 or whatever. If it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.

                                    Shop around?? Yes.But understand what you're shopping for first.

                                    If there are any questions about processing you don't find answers to on the web pages suggested above,
                                    drop me a line. I'll be happy to answer if I can.

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                                  PervasiveGirl Newbie
                                  Do you use as well?? Want sales reps to be able to take credit cards in salesforce (as a virtual terminal)?

                                  Download our FREE application - Pervasive Integrated Credit Card Processing!

                                  Go to and click on products. You'll find this among our other Quickbooks integration products. Need to connect Quickbooks to Salesforce or MSCRM? We do that too! And you can try the 30 day free trial, for a test drive...

                                  Pervasive DataSolutions helps businesses integrate Quickbooks to their CRMs and merchant services.


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                                      InsideUp Newbie
                                      There are some other considerations that you should keep in mind when searching for the right merchant account service, consider the following

                                      Statement Fees - Does the merchant charge a fee for providing a monthly or annual statement to you?Monthly or Annual Minimums - Is there a minimum amount of money that you need to charge each month? What are the penalties if you do not charge this much money each month?

                                      Technical Support Availability and Pricing - Is there a fee to speak with a technical support team member? Are customer service representatives available when you need to speak with them to answer a question?

                                      Credit Card Terminal Costs - Will you or your clients be charged a terminal fee for each transaction at a credit card terminal? If so, what is this fee?Real-time Solution Price - If you require fast service for credit card processing, is there an additional charge?

                                      Ease and Price of Installation - If you are using a credit card terminal or software application, is there a charge to install the technology? Are there additional fees based on usage? Can you return the technology if you decide not to use it?

                                      What Technology Options are Available? - For transaction processing, accounting, customer relations, and more.

                                      Hope this helps!
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                                      phanio Pioneer
                                      Shop around - make sure you find the service that is best for your business. I have heard good things about Quickbooks; i.e. ease of use as well as bad things - very expensive.

                                      Plus, our legistation is working on passing a bill that will allow merchant and retailers to negoiate their rates and terms. This could help you. A little work in research now may really save you in the long-run.

                                      Business Money Today
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                                          amspcs Ranger
                                          Dear Phanio,

                                          I'm a little confused by your post comment " will allow merchant and retailers to negotiate their rates and terms". Merchants and retailers are one in the same. I'm guessing you meant "allow merchants and PROCESSORS" to negotiate rates...". This is already the case with most processors, has been for years.
                                          "Interchange", the rate that Visa and MC charge to processors, is not negotiable, but this has nothing to do with the merchant. The rates and terms at which the processor re-sells the processing services to the merchant always has been negotiable. QuickBooks and Amex are two exceptions---their rates and terms are pretty cut and dried take-it-or-leave-it, which is their right and just a reflection on their marketing philosophy, nothing wrong with that. But merchants can choose to negotiate with dozens of ISO processors out there.

                                          As far as QuickBooks being 'very expensive'....the answer to that is: it depends. Yes, QB charges $14.95 per month whereas normal merchant account monthly fees are maybe $5-$10. or so.BUT...QB comes with a built-in secure gateway for the same $14.95. Add a gateway separately @ $20 month via Verisign or (in addition to the $10 merchanta account fee) and the $14.95 is cheap. IIt should also be said that paying a few bucks extra a month in exchange for having no contractual obligation or early termination penalty is a wonderful value for the first time merchant who wants to test the waters or walk before he runs. QB providing free software, thus eliminating the need for the new merchant to spend a dime
                                          leasing or buying processing software or equipment is also another major virtue.So as I said, whether or not QB is expensive depends on the specific situation at hand.

                                          In short, we market QuickBooks Merchant Services as an excellent STARTER program for merchants just beginning with credit card processing. Used in that context, it can represent a very intelligent processing alternative for many merchants. By the same token, I would agree that any medium to large volume merchant would be much better suited to another processing solution.

                                          FYI the link to sign up for a QuickBooks merchant account is:
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                                          I have used QuickBooks Merchant Services since 2005; it is really easy to use - I use it to process all MasterCard, Visa Discover & American Express; it has been very easy to manage.
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                                              Binasman Newbie
                                              This thread was started a long time ago but I think it's still relevant. Our business, which will be an online retail business, hasn't actually started yet. We're due to be "open" Nov. 1st, 09. We went ahead and got a merchant account and went with Quick Books/Intuit. We've done so much research on web hosts, web designers, tax structures etc that we went with Quick Books, without a lot of research into other options, because it was a familiar name, large company and we signed up through one of their affiliates we have a relationship with.
                                              We recently had the account approved and from the experiences we've had so far I'm going to have to go with "Mistrgt" on this one. Maybe with all the aquisitions and mergers they've grown too large to actually provide any type of service.
                                              1. When we applied for the account they asked what the "average" single purchase would be. Since we aren't actually in operation yet we came up with a number. After the account was approved it seems that this number is now the maximum limit and going over it will delay funding. We're a small, start up business and delays in funding could be a problem. That's a rather important limit for a small business and I think it should have been put differently on the application or at least explained. Maybe there was some fine print we missed on the app. It should have been in bold type.
                                              2. Next we get emails saying the account is approved. One email from, that says congrats, give the account number and says log in to our web store and follow the store's instructions on how to link a merchant account. They provided link to their FAQs page and that was pretty much it. We also got an email from man with a return email address at This email said congrats, our merchant account for "Merchantlink" has been approved. It also gave the account number and a toll free number for support. At this point I'm wondering who the "Gateway Provider" is. So I send an email to the guy from superior bank card and ask who the gateway provider is because that's who I must set up in my shopping cart software. His reply email says in part, "{noformat}+First on your application you selected Merchantlink as you shopping
                                              cart. That is the information you provided for us. If you are using a
                                              different shopping cart please let me know.

                                              Yes it is a little confusing, so let me explain.
                                              Superiorbank card is a part of Innovative Merchant Solutions.
                                              Recently Innovative Merchant Solutions was bought by Intuit. It made
                                              sense; Intuit has the accounting software and we processed the credit
                                              cards. Innovative Merchant Solutions is the credit card processing
                                              division of Intuit. Intuit is in the process of branding its name on
                                              products and letters to help ease the confusion. JP Morgan Chase and
                                              WestAmerica are the banks we use to send the monies to you. "+

                                              Merchantlink isn't my shopping cart. I can't remember what we selected as our cart because when we
                                              started the app we hadn't decided on a cart so we saved it and came back to finish after we got a cart
                                              set up. When we got the cart we finished the app. and may not have paged back to fill this info in. So
                                              maybe it defaulted to Merchantlink but from what I can see they aren't a shopping cart company. Anyway,
                                              I then shot off an email to Merchantlink for clarification and immediately after called Intuit support. The first
                                              call I made the lady told me that Quick Books was my gateway provider, which I think is correct. The next
                                              day I got an email from Merchantlink that said, in part,
                                              +I just called the house and no one was in. However, I was able to call
                                              your help desk at 1-800-558-9558 and confirm that you do use merchant
                                              link as your gateway. I had to check with your help desk because not all
                                              Intuit Quick book customers use Merchantlink as their gateway and since
                                              I do not have knowledge of your set up ie if in your shopping cart if
                                              Merchantlink as name would be listed or if there would be some other
                                              name. Also we don't have any database here listing individual merchant
                                              accounts; there was no way for me to check your MID and see if you
                                              particularly are using our gateway. I was able to verify that via your
                                              help desk. "+
                                              So now I have 2 different answers. So I call back to Intuit where a lady tells me I can go to a web site that
                                              she gave me the address to and I can choose any gateway provider I want. I explained the question again
                                              and she said she would put me on hold while she cecked the make sure. When she returned she confirmed
                                              the information and said to go to the web site and I can choose my gateway. I went to the site and it was one
                                              where you can purchase a package deal for a host, store, merchant account all bundled together. Obviously
                                              not what I wanted. (I'm not sure why they couldn't just look at my account number and see my information.)
                                              So I called back and got another rep. who told me my gateway provider was Quick Books Merchant Services.
                                              Quite frankly I'm scared to call back for any other answers.

                                              3. At this point I was going to try and change our max. purchase limit so I went to the Merchant Services web
                                              site thinking there would be some info on how to that exactly. There seems to be a lot of info on the web site
                                              but not what I needed. Of course with that amount of info I may have overlooked it. I did searches for "Average
                                              Single Charge Amount" and looked through all the FAQs and found nothing. I'm concerned because our
                                              agreement states,

                                              +"If Merchant exceeds the limit established by this Agreement, IMS may suspend processing, charge over
                                              limit fees,hold the funds over the cap and/or return all Sales Drafts evidencing funds over the cap to Merchant.+

                                              We can't live with the possibility that a customer or 2 may purchase the most expensive item on our site and
                                              Intuit decides to do any of the above. So we sent a written request to the communications address listed in
                                              our agreement. We explained the situation and asked for an increase in the max. single purchase. *Which
                                              should be listed as "Maximum" and not "Average" if going over could have the listed ramifications.*
                                              It's been over a week and we've not heard anything from them. Maybe they haven't had enough time to respond
                                              but we're just about done. I cannot believe it's this complicated. It shouldn't be. I think the best thing to do is
                                              close our account and apply with a different provider. Maybe a smaller company that might be better able to
                                              communicate with a small business owner. I realize this was a long post and I apologize, but I wanted to give


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                                                  amspcs Ranger

                                                  I can see you are very confused, and I sympathise with your frustration. Some of what you are experiencing is all part of the QB scenariio, some is part and parcel of the payment industry in general which has never been explained adequately to you. I think you'll be much more at ease once you understand how the process works. If you'd be kind enough to provide contact info, we can arrange a phone conversation that might help you make sense out of what you are going through.
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                                                      Binasman Newbie
                                                      Yes, I'm a little confused. I just reread everything I wrote last night and notice some very poor grammer. Largely typing errors. I apologize for that, I normally do better. I could give you my contact info but it's really not your problem and I hate to bother someone else with it. The fact is I do not understand all there is to know about this industry. But I think I understand the basics. I know there is a "gateway" between me and the account provider. Should that not have been a simple question? Why would that info not have been included in any of the initial communications? The Merchantlink company employee who called the Intuit help desk and gave my account number was told they were the gateway. I was told by one person I could choose my gateway and by 2 others that Quick Books is my gateway. The only reason I think Quick Books is my gateway is because I got that answer twice and the other 2 answers once each and Quick Books is actually listed in my cart as a gateway that's set up. Yes I have confusion but I think it was due largely to Intuit's poor communication. There must be lots of people here with merchant accounts. My question is are they all like this? I think it's crazy. I'm slightly irritated. If I cancel this account I'll have to pay for the "Free" Quick Books program but if I get an account provider that can answer a simple question it would be well worth it. Do all providers ask for an "average" purchase and then make that the max limit? If I had known that before I would have put down the price of our most expensive item and been done with it. Which is what I'll do on the next application. I simply do not trust Intuit and I'm afraid to continue with them. This business is too important to take the risk they'll hold my money or fine me. It's my fault really because I did not do the research out of laziness and went with a company because they were a recognizable name. So now I'm doing the research. Are there people here who use Flagship or Merchant Warehouse? Those are 2 names I keep seeing at the top of most lists.
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                                                          amspcs Ranger

                                                          Let me try to answer as many of your questions as possible.

                                                          Your gateway is an entirely separate entity from your merchant account. Ditto your gateway provider.
                                                          Never never NEVER buy an 'integrated' program that contains all three. That is a very expensive trap.

                                                          Intuit is NOT your gateway provider, they are your merchanta account provider. They have some sort of proprietary arrangement with some gateway provider out ther, I'm not sure who it is. Doesn't matter, it's rigged so that one ONLY works with the other, which is why I stated above integrated solutions are always a mistake.

                                                          You should not have to purchase the 'free' QB software you got from Intuit. Read your agreement, you should be able to cancel with them anytime on 30 days notice. That's the trade-off for their rates and fees being so astronomically highi.

                                                          All processors will ask for your projected average volume and ticket amount. A merchant account is a line of credit, so that is basically the amount of credit you are being approved'll have som leeway, but not unlimited, depending on the processor you select. Provide realistic number, NOT just the highest numbers you expect to process, because higher projections mean higher risk which means higher rates and higher chances of decline. Just be realistic.

                                                          I can suggest some excellent solutions for you. Please contact me.

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                                                              Binasman Newbie
                                                              l contact you before the end of the day. I need to call Intuit, my 30 days is almost up.
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                                                                  PorscheGuy Newbie
                                                                  Just had the same thing occur to me!! I guessed at our monthly sales when we first opened the doors. I was being conservative. They actually asked me 5K? I agreed. Now I'm screwed. Lost an 11k sale because of the EAXCT same BS a few guy's above me posted about. For nearly a year now, we have been doing 20-30k a month in 3-5k sales. The very first time a large order comes in.. "Quickbooks Fraud Police" grab it and hold onto it. Same BS about the 90 days "and the buyer can dispute" BULLSH_T!! I drop ship 99% of our orders and the person who ordered the parts CANNOT dispute a charge after signing for or "receiving" the goods.

                                                                  Worthless. I should have stuck with Paypal. I have had a merchant account with them for 10+ years. Oh no.. thought I would make it easy and just order up the whole Quickbooks suite of services.

                                                                  Stay away. Stay far far away. I worked literally next door to Quickbooks in Mountain View CA. for 5 years. I know a LOT of the C-level people running that company. I'm headed up from LA this week. I promise I'll be having lunch with a few of them this Friday at "Michaels" and will explain to them what this 3rd party solutions providor is doing. I'm sure they have NO clue!!

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                                                                      amspcs Ranger

                                                                      Two things jump out at me from your post.

                                                                      1.) You were underwritten completely incorrectly. Probably the fault of whomever
                                                                      took your application. If you applied do-it-yourself over the internet in search of a bargain, you pretty much got what you paid for.

                                                                      2.) You have no knowledge of how merchant processing works, which is very dangerous. Leads to unrealisic and/or unreal conclusions and expectations.

                                                                      For starters, your statement that the customer can't dispute the charge once delivery is signed for is 100% ridiculous and incorrect. To the contrary, in a non-face-to-face environment in which the merchant does not physiclaly have the card in hand, the customers has TONS of ways to dispute...and win.

                                                                      Which leads to the second point: The QB Fraud Police as you called them are actually from their Risk Dept. They are there to monitor your account not only for the protection of the processor, but for your protection as well.

                                                                      Lots of ways to solve the issues you suffered through. #1 understand the rules before hand (incidentally, they all apply to Paypal as well). #2 Pick a processor that specializes more in YOUR type of business and therefore is more lenient in terms of risk, which QB is not. and #3, deal with a professional dependable ISO who knows how to underwrite and takes the time to determine what YOU need in terms of a processor. Just like buying shoes, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all processing, and you will be SO much happier once you find the right fit.

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                                                                        jsherk Newbie
                                                                        Has anybody tried Q-Merchant (
                                                                        ) or KwikCharge ( )?

                                                                        Both claim to let you use PayPal to process your credit cards directly from QB and QB POS ... would like to use PayPal from QB!

                                                                        I will not sign up for Intuits Merchant Services, so these might be an option!