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    Please Critique My Website!

    aacl2009 Adventurer
      Our landscaping company has been in business for three months now and we think we have a pretty good image on-line. I saw someone else on here ask for advice and get great feedback. So I was hoping you could take a look and let me know what creative input you have and/or helpful suggestions. Be as blunt as you need to be, we thrive on constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to help us out!
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          david_aa Adventurer
          Hello aacl2009! I have a small legal advice office and currently working on my own website to present my practice. I checked your website and I think its homepage needs a text re-writing. You slogan (or mybe it's a keyword list?) doesn't make sense to me, a slight change like "Integrity-Uniqueness-Experience" would sound better .It's just a suggestion, i mean try to be both laconic and precise. choose different font for slogan and other parts of texts. Make text better readable by chaning alignment and formatting.

          Where is meta setup? home page has no title, there are no links on the page. without good search engine indexing, people will have less chances to find you!

          Widen your content base. Make your website frequently updated by adding "News" section ot writing a blog. do osme overviews of modern trends in landscaping or home design. You need something which will grab people's attention and push them to buy your services!

          Basically i like the design you chose. you just need to do some SEO work and fill your site with quality content. I myself tried an online website builder. They provide great designs, domain name and hosting. for my starting business it's an affordable solution. also they can help you in website customizing. If you are interested in details go at
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            citadelregula Newbie
            I'm an internet law attorney. Call me at 2024860751 if you still need help.