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    Do you believe in KARMA?

    KelaFunds Adventurer
      Wow its just sad how many scammers are on this site....Do you believe in karma or things backfireing in your faces in the long run?


      One guy told me an "investor" from this site was trying to charge him 1300 to look at his business plan...what!! plus an up front fee for his services???...I hope this site is not turing into a up and coming craigslist.Its bad business.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Do you believe in KARMA?

          Every time a person acts there is some quality of intention at the base
          of the mind and it is that quality rather than the outward appearance
          of the action that determines the effect. If a person professes piety
          and virtue but nonetheless acts with greed, anger or hatred (veiled
          behind an outward display of well-meaning intent) then the fruit of
          those actions will bear testimony to the fundamental intention that lay
          behind them and will be a cause for future unhappiness.

          Yes the world is full of scammers. Look at Bernard Maddoff and all the other Ponzi schemes.

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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Karma or the universal principle of 'what goes around comes around' is alive and well. As Erich Tolle put it in his book 'A New Earth', .."there are no random acts in the universe."

            Each of our honest or dishonest actions will come back to us many times over.
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              Cash_in_Hand Adventurer
              Kind of funny you said that about people charging an up front fee. One guy on here last week said that same thing about the biggest blogger on this site but we see who is still here?????
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                  Iwrite Pioneer

                  The question is what the person said true or not? I have read the accusations by folks aimed at several members but haven't seen any proof. Who am I or anyone else to believe?

                  I really don't know what people charge or care. With all the warnings that have been posted here about paying upfront fees, we should know better. And still members don't.

                  I don't believe in karma but I do believe you get what you give sometimes. People here are using this forum to get over and that is not the same as conducting business. I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror with some of the snake oil being sold here. Doctors should not be the only ones to believe that they should do no harm.
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                      Cash_in_Hand Adventurer
                      Not sure who that was aimed at?? but i never ask for upfront fees. As a matter of fact we don't have upfront fees only a one time fee. If you put yourself out there and get burned then you got what you were looking for. If someone posts a complaint then it should be allowed to be seen and both parties can respond and the forum can be advised of it.
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                          Iwrite Pioneer
                          I didn't say you did. I was responding to you previous post about people being accused of charging upfront fees and still being on the forum.

                          I agree that things get yanked too fast. I have been and still am having some of my posts marked as inappropriate and being yanked. It happen to me less than a week ago. Did I deserve to have my comment yanked? I didn't think so, but those are the rules.

                          Once again, I am not talking about you. Some of our members behave like children when it comes to disagreements, holding grudges and abusing the system to get even with people they feel have slighted them or not done what they wanted them to do. I am careful not to mention a person's name or give life to an accusation unless it has been proven.

                          That's what I was saying.