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    Need opinions                    Please!        New product

    bajabrella Newbie
      We are about to launch our new product line and spend a HECK of a lot of $$$$.Would really appreciate any critiques you may have as professionals.
      see website and video at
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          Websites_R_Us Wayfarer
          Love the video.
          My first response is that on your home page, you should change the font to a San Serif font like Verdana becasue it is much easier to read.

          On the ordering instructions page, why not allow the website visitor to order directly from that page. Where is says, pick your color, let him pick the color right there. Most people don't need instructions on how to order, it is typically self explanatory.

          Maybe "jazz up" the showroom page. Make the photos display the product a little better. It is missing the WOW Factor!!

          The title on all your pages is the same; it should describe the contents of each individual page.

          You used the word "Trademark" at the bottom of the page, did you mean Copyright? Add meta tags to your pages, they may help you with search engines.

          Good Luck and congratulations on your new product!
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