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    Need Help Getting A Small Business Loan

    grktownmusic1 Newbie
      I own a Greek Music and Gift shop in Chicago. My brother in-law opened
      it in 92, I've been working here since 1997, started running it
      myself in 2003 and recently switched ownership this past December. My
      store already has an established name with the Greek community and has
      a rather large customer base. My issue is, with the price of the Euro
      being so high the past few years, it affected the volume of
      merchandise I imported. Because of this, the store's cash flow has
      gone down. I haven't been making money to the store's full potential
      for a couple years now.

      I have adjusted to the times and cut down what I bring in, music-wise,
      but there is too much of a gap between me selling out cds and my
      reordering, I've recently had to take down my website to redo it to
      adjust to these changes as well. Simply put, the funds aren't there to
      make the changes I want. I feel that these changes will bring my
      business back up to its full potential.

      I just need some help. Any suggestions?