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    Is Commission-Only Sales Dead?

    freedemo Adventurer
      Our web design is booming....
      We decided to hire commission-only sales personnel to contact new businesses
      to schedule appointments for our web specialists.

      The response has been less than stellar!
      We were naive enough to actually believe that we would be overwhelmed with

      Is commission-only sales dead?
      Could the culprit be our website or our job advertising channels?

      Check Our "Recruiting Website" and give us your opinion.*
      Thanks for allowing us to vent!
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          BizOptimizer Adventurer
          No, it is not dead by any means - MANY companies use it. But one has to feel your product is hot and since they are taking all the risk they expect big rewards. These companies that are using it have salespeople making hundreds of thousands to lure you in. Look at all the MLMs.

          $75 would seem a tough sell. You have to sell it - you have to expect that you are going to have many people walk out when they find out they are not getting a paycheck right away. It happens to the big guys too. It is like everything else, the package has to sound good and it has to be sold.

          95% of the poplulation are going to want security - only that top few percent are going to have the guts to work at it and take the risk. They expect the opportunity of big rewards. It is up to you to find them and convince them yours is it.

          Good luck,
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Is Commission-Only Sales Dead?? NO


            Many companies make the mistake of using 100%
            commission sales compensation plans. They feel a
            100% commission plan will minimize their financial risk, as no sales made means no commissions paid. Besides, any salesperson that is any good should have enough faith in their own ability to work on 100% commission.


            Any salesperson that IS any good knows it takes time to build an opportunity pipeline, regardless of how much experience they have or how robust their personal network is. Plus, they must invest considerable time and effort to learn about their new employer and its products and services.
            They still need to pay their bills while this learning and pipeline
            building takes place. Not surprisingly, these talented salespeople
            usually choose to work for employers that are willing to invest in them.


            There is just one 100% commission concept that produces good results with some consistency. It is where:

            * The company supplies most or all of the salesperson's leads


            • The leads are of* reasonably good quality


            • The* sales cycle is relatively short* (ranging from a one-call close to no more than several weeks in length)
            Hope this helps, LUCKIEST
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              spacemonkey Adventurer
              Commission-Only sales have boomed big time with the introduction of affiliate marketing (pay per sale or pay per lead). I have never seen this much commission-only sales ever.
              Try doing one of those and your business will boom.
              Thank you and good luck. - Hope this helps