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    Help dealing with picky client!!!

    Gberry Wayfarer
      Hi All,
      In my line of business I am known for taking care of my clients. I really try to work with them and accomodate their needs. Recently I finished a job for which I hired a third party to help me. I know this person personally, I have not really worked with him before, so I wasnt' sure of the quality of work he could produce. After the job was finished, the client did a walk through and found some areas that needed attention. I immediately set up a time to go back and take careof everything. I sent the person I hired to do touch ups, but the owner is still not happy. I don't know what to do, I have walked through the job, with a magnifying glass and not really find anyting wrong, but this client is still not happy. I don't like to make excuses, so i hired yet another person this time a profesional painter and he is going with me today to hopefully finalize this job.

      How long do I continue to cater to this person? When do I say enough is enough if even after bringing a profesional he finds more problems?

      Need advice PLEASE!!!!

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          fundme Wayfarer


          sounds like you have a customer looing for a free ride, sometimes you just have to cut ties with people like that. if you know that in good faith you have made every attempt to satisfy their needs and they still are not happy then walk away knowing that you tried.

          Brian Faulkner

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            bizcreditfan Wayfarer
            It's obvious you care about pleasing the client. It sounds like this person is just looking for any excuse not to be happy. If you are confident that the work completed was done so with the same amount of accuracy and care you would have personally put into it then you have done all you can.

            You have taken all of the actions you can to rectify the situation. The next step would be sitting down with the client and saying, ok I'm here, you show me what the problem is. I doubt they will have a problem then.

            Don't get yourself worked into knots over this situation. As long as you believe you have done everything to please the customer then you've done everything you can.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Dealing with picky client.

              Iwrite, it sounds like your kind of subject

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                MikeyD Wayfarer

                Have you came out and asked the customer what the exact problem is and how they want them solved? I assume there are some places where the paint didn't cover as well as they expected. Once the touchup was finished were they complaining about the same spots or were there new problems?

                I have dealt with many customers that cannot be pleased and have found that they are usually the ones who find more things to complain about after you fix the first problem. If the customer is genuinely unhappy they usually keep complaining about the same problem until it is resolved.
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                    Gberry Wayfarer
                    When I sent the one person to do touch ups I knew that morelikely there were going to be some spots to take care of. One of the complains was a piece of blue tape left at the bottom of the toilet seat in the bathroom. I knew right there and then that we were in trouble. As I mentioned in my post, I am going there today with a professional painter of good reputation in the area to make sure that all the touch ups (+also to access the job+) are done and there are no more complaints, but just because there might not be complaints today, doesn't mean that he might not find anything else tomorrow. That's what I am really afraid of! Also that he might ruin the reputation that has cost me so much time to acquire.

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                        fundme Wayfarer
                        One person will not ruin what took you so long to build, If you know you did what you could then sleep easy at night!!
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                          MikeyD Wayfarer

                          Reputation does mean a lot these days. I have worked with a company who has been selling paint for over 40 years and have dealt with all sorts of complaints and issues like you have. In the end, if the customer cannot be satisfied there is nothing you can do. It sounds like you have tried more than most companies would to make this issue right.

                          Ask the customer when you are leaving if there is anything else you can do tonight so you both can move on and be happy. If there isn't anything thent hey shouldn't expect you to come out a third time.
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                        Philanthropst Newbie
                        You need them to SIGN a "Statement of Work" (SOW). This is the FINAL walk through the person needs to sign the things they want redone and below this SOW they have to agree additional fees will apply to additional work not stated in the SOW.
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                          vistasad Adventurer
                          By now your problem would have been solved. But from experience and what you describe I can say quite often a client is unhappy about something else and is nit picking for no reason.
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                            DomainDiva Ranger
                            Get a second professional opinion, then fire the client. Be sure to take lots of photos of the finished work. Enough is enough. You may want to make that perfectly clear to the client as well and tell them that you are finished since it's onbvious that there is no way to make them happy.

                            Sounds like you have one of those drama queens/kings who have to have something in their lives to make a fuss over. Nothing is ever good enough, blah blah. Good luck, like I said cover yourself, this client could go postal at any time.
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                              MoveForward Scout
                              Two questions come to mind...
                              • Do you own a camera?
                              • Do they owe you money?

                              Go back over today with a camera. First ask to point out the problem so you can take a photo and act like this is your normal method (bet this client will either back down because they do not want NOTHING WRONG recorded for court), while taking photos for client take others for you. All the work you did.
                              NOW while it is not damaged by the client.

                              Right now type up a "Job Completion" agreement and have her sign it at the conclusion of your touch up

                              Bet they owe you a balance at completion and are either lingering to pay this while trying to find the funds or they are using this as an excuse to not pay the balance.

                              Stop second guessing yourself, you have the customer service and ability to handle your company. Stand firm. Have pictures. Always take another individual with you who can be witness to your conversation. Be ready to take her to small claims if need be.

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                                amspcs Ranger
                                You can't please everybody, so all you can do is the best you can.

                                Here's how you cut to the chase in situations such as you describe:
                                Simply ask the customer "what do you want me to do" or "what is it that will
                                satisfy you?

                                The answer will tell you a lot. If the customer can't tell you exactly what is wrong, then you know you're just
                                dealing with someone who complains for the sake of complaining. If the answer is they want the work for free or an unreasonable discount, then you know you're dealing withi someone of questionable faith who's just looking for a free lunch, which you ignore. If you're really lucky, the customer will tell you exactly what the issue is, in which case it's usually a fairly straightforward task to correct the problem.

                                One last comment: Sometimes the best solution for you, even if it involves losing money on the sale, is
                                just bite the bullet and walk away. Two reasons: (1) wasting time on something you can't win at only costs you even more money in the form of the time you could have spend productively elsewhere; and (2) no matter how unreasonable, an unhappy customer can and will do damage to your reputation. Happy customers tell no one. Unhappy customers tell EVERYone.