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    How to Promote an Event Online

    ZekeLL Adventurer
      When it comes to promoting an event, Internet can be of great help. These are some of the ways you can leverage the
      Web to promote your events.

      I love this service because they send an email
      every week to people in your area with the events that are about to happen.

      Yahoo! Upcoming
      Yahoo! can send you a lot of very qualified
      traffic. Take advantage of it.

      Windows Live Events
      Although not as powerful as Yahoo! and Eventful, it
      can still give you a good deal of exposure.

      This local search engine is here to stay. It's
      getting very popular and can make your event visible to thousands of people.

      Create your own MeetUp group or join other groups.
      Sometimes, if your event is really interesting, administrators of other groups
      will be happy to pass the word to their members.

      This is one of my favorite resources to promote
      events. Post yours for free and get ready for all the exposure that MeetingWave
      will give you.

      Let all your contacts know about your event. In
      addition to that, you can join dozens of business networking groups based out
      of your city and post your event to their discussion boards.

      Use Facebook to find groups and people in your area,
      and invite them to your event. You can also use Facebook Ads and deliver them to
      people in a certain location.

      BizNik has a great feature to promote events. Be
      active and invite people in your area. Make sure that you write individual and
      unique emails to each of the people you invite.

      Join groups and use their forums to let people know
      about your event.

      Another cool social network. Join groups and post
      your event.

      People with Lists*
      Go after the influencers. I can guarantee that
      there are at least 100 people in your area that have email lists of other
      people in your area. Offer them an incentive -sometimes it's not even necessary,
      and ask them to let people know about your event through a blog post, a short
      announcement in their newsletters or a simple email.

      Do a Google Search
      If you live in Seattle, search on Google for
      "Seattle Events". There are hundreds of niche-websites that revolve around
      events in local area; they can give your event great exposure.

      Contact the Press
      Don't be afraid to contact local newspapers and
      other publications to let them know about your event. In most cases, they will find
      this information useful and relevant, and they'll be happy to share it with
      their readers.

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