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    What do you REALLY want to know before buying a franchise?

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      Our company is putting together the final touches on a poll of franchises, so that before you spend $100,000, $200,000, or more of your life savings, you can find out directly, in a third party poll of franchisees, about their experiences in the business and in dealing with their franchisors. Things like, what expenses surprised them after opening? How much did they REALLY need in the bank to tide them over before breaking even? Did they break even? What one factor makes the differenence between an "out of the park" success, vs. someone that has to go do something else?

      Your ideas as to what you'd like to see will be helpful as we put the final touches on our survey. Please share what YOU would either

      1. Find helpful, or
      2. Really need to see to be interested in ordering a copy.

      Our studies are NOT funded by franchises, although our reseach helps them establish benchmarks for success and for good franchisee relations.

      As Consumer Reports helps consumers make empowered decisions with cars, appliances, etc., we help consumers identify the best franchises, based on solid reports.

      Please share your thoughts back, and then check out our new site at

      Thank you again for your suggestions and input.