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    Pre-Paid Legal

    LaVonne Newbie
      Pre-Paid Legal has been in business for over 35 years and began with a serious auto accident. Public Company since 1976.It has a Nationwide Network of Quality Attorneys. Mr.Stonecipher had a vision to make "Equal Justice Under Law" a reality in America. \\ * Fact of the matter is You are more than twice as likely to be in Court Than You are to be Hospitalized. Have you ever been overcharged for a repair? Tried to return a defective product? Recieved a traffic ticket? Lost a security deposit? Been Audited?Signed A Contract?Purchased A Home?Prepared A will? Well having Pre-Paid Legal services you have access to excellent attorneys who can provide these services to you and more. Affordable legal services and having protection for you and your love ones.* \\ * Preventive Legal Services-Total-free telephone consultations on unlimited matters for personal business questions. Letters, phone calls on your behalf, Plus 2 business letters or calls per year. Contract/Document Review on your behalf (up to 10 pages) Plus 1 business document per year. Also a attorney will help you prepare your will and update it, trust preparation is also available at a 25% discount.* \\ Motor Vehicle Legal Services..Minor legal Expenses-Representations for traffic Violations. Major Legal Expenses-Representation for certain major vehicle related criminal charges. 2.5 hours per occurrence-Driver license assistance Personal Injury/Property Damage collection assistance 2,000 or less. \\ * Trial Defense-Help with attorney fees for defense of civil and covered work-related criminal charges. I.R.S Audit Legal Services- Scheduled benefits up to 50 hours of professional services from Provider Law Firm to help defray the most audit representation Including 3.5 hours of pre-trial time.* \\ * Also Most importantly and the best part of the service is that You get a member discount, Other legal services not specifically covered by the membership are available at 25% discount from the Provider Law Firm's standard or corporate hourly rate for representation.* \\ * Now in conclusion If you were my attorney and you offered me all these services that is stated above that provides me with a free 800 number total free with in normal business hours,Also charges me with a alt rate fee to provide the legal services that I have explained above. You tell me what will be my monthly fee? Please call me for more information. All I need is 15 minutes of your time, You may or may not be interested.*
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          amspcs Ranger
          I am a fan of pre-paid legal and in fact subscribe to it here in Florida. The sad fact is, the benefits
          of our joke of a legal system are not available to the small businessman/woman. Justice sadly
          is available only to those with the financial means to afford it. Heaven forbid, should the small business
          run afoul with a much bigger foe with a bigger legal war chest, the big guy will simply stall and outspend you until you're broke and have no other recourse but to just walk away..happens every day. Worse, in many states, if you're a crprporate or LLC entity, a judge won't even allow you to step into his courtroom unless you are represented by a lawyer, and if you can't afford one, too bad. In short, if you don't have pre-paid services,
          the big guys have carte blanche to rob you, abuse you, breach contracts with you...very very sad. If you are a small business man or woman, you need to think about this very seriously.
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              LaVonne Newbie
              Exactly, that's why I'm thankful to be apart of this exciting business.We need to have access to attorneys and mostly to know our legal rights. If not you will get walked on not knowing there is something you can do. Most people feel like I cant afford a attorney. But Thanks to our fonder Mr. Stonecipher. We can afford attorneys for any legal matter.. So many times people sign contracts without even reading it. You should never at any given time do that. So I hope in reading my posts. More people will protect themselves and have access to the most rewarding service out here. Please if anyone feel Like I haven't touched based with any unanswered questions. Please contact me. or leave a message.
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              osvaldo Newbie

              Prepaid legal business plans have a network of law firms over the US and Canada. The customer
              purchases a type of legal insurance that connects them with a law firm
              in their area. They receive legal services such as document
              preparation; unlimited attorney consults over the phone, and will
              preparation, traffic violation defense problems, general trial defense
              and criminal defense for auto related charges.