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    Are you looking for a home based business?

    jados89 Adventurer
      If you ever want to start a home based business and want to be in a fast growing industry like the Health and Wellness Industry, which economist and business professional Paul Zane Pilzer predicts is going to be a Trillion Dollar industry. Also in Paul Pilzer's book, The Next Millionaires explains in detail why the 21st century will be known as the age of the entrepreneur, and how you can stake your claim to being one of these next 10 million millionaires--especially if you are in direct selling, technology, home-based business, product distribution, or an emerging trillion-dollar industry like wellness. It explains how old models of opportunity in physical distribution have given way to new opportunities in intellectual distribution, defined as teaching people about products or services that they didn't even know exist. And, drawing on Pilzer's 33 years of experience as an entrepreneur and employer, it explains how to use your past to find your place in the new economy and your ticket to becoming one of The Next Millionaires.

      GBG is a direct selling business, that can marketed online or offline and is a home based business opportunity, for more information check out any of my sites,,,

      if you have any questions e-mail me at and you can follow me at
      David Jados